Shit the f*cking bed...............?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by REDMIST, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. But it's all OK as you can go to Romania and claim their social security benefits too ...
  2. It is indeed shocking. That ******* excuse for a newspaper still scaring the idiotic (think they're) middle classes after all these years.
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  3. Maybe the paper should come with a warning.Too much Daily Mail reading may cause inflated outrage syndrome:grin:
  4. Or read the daily mirror and it's all fine?
  5. Naw.

    Be upmode, like Finks - Subscribe to 'The Times' and become well, if exclusively/expensively, informed.

    That way Rolls Royce will even service your outrage bus at a hefty discount.
  7. An Iranian exited the arrivals hall at Heathrow and asked the way to the tube station. After getting directions he thanked the man profusely for allowing him to come to live in such a wonderful country and said that he been truly blessed. The guy said that it wasn't his country and he was a Bulgarian. Sitting in the train to London he held a similar conversation with another guy who replied that he shouldn't be thanked as he was Estonian. The Iranian broached the subject with several others on his way to a cheap hotel and each time was told that the person was from another country and no thanks were due to him. In exasperation he finally asked where all the Brits had gone. The guy he had asked looked at his watch and said, "Oh. They'll all be at work right now."
  8. Does that happen in Thailand?

  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Kincavel perchance? I only ask as i hold that title. There's no need to stand.
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Bless..... they hadn't been to Liverpool then?
  11. No. Definitely no. Heathrow is about 15 miles west of Central London. Thailand is 7 time zones east of Central London.
  12. Nah, there they spend their time like the other knob jockeys, chasing lady boys ffs.
  13. Glad you told us that, explains why my Thai takeaway takes so long to get here.
  14. Not at all. It's just that the Mail has a well-earned reputation as a scare-mongering right wing rag, which appears to have the sole aim of stirring up resentment, indignation, and ultimately, division, amongst the population.

    The Daily Mirror's just shite.
  15. In that case the daily sport it Is just like the other two, full of stories about massive tits just more appealing too the eye :)
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  16. No Guzzler. Anything with a red top is shite! I wouldn't even put one near my hoop, stand fast dance of the flaming arse holes.
  17. It's bad enough for me to be working with polish people who don't or speak very little English. I'm more likely to get a stone to bleed, than getting them to speak to me in English. I haven't got a problem with them working as they work very hard. They just lack that respect for our language and not show any enthusiasm to even speak it. Now adding Russians to our work force.. I'm dying inside. What is the world coming too? :(
  18. You think it's scaremongering ? Wake up !:sleepy:

    Try working in a school with 23 different languages,a host of behavioural problems and range of literacy and racial issues it's impossible to teach anything worth a damn. Not to mention the Italian head who believes in student power to the point the Student Parliament veto's homework. (Never mind the fact Year 9's can't fcuking read).

    Britain is in the shoite because of E&D, Tony and Cherie and the whole mongrel leftie breed who opened the Diversity Dover Floodgates. Where are they now ? Washington, the Home counties or a penthouse in Dubai ?

    France, Germany, Italy ........ do they kow-tow to Brussels ? Do they heck.

    This country is a tragedy and seriously needs to wake up to itself and take action fast or face yet another barrage of TB-infested illiterates banging on the door claiming their 'right' to taxpayers coffers, because they sure as fcuk won't be setting up home in Rome or Paris.

    The only thing that keeps me going through a 90- hour working week is the thought that in two year's time, it will be possible to up sticks and emigrate.
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  19. You telling us you actually work EIGHTEEN hours a day??? You need to contact the samaritans or HSE.Taking into account an hour getting ready in the morning, an hour travelling, an hour to eat. that leaves three hours a day to sleep!

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