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shit on a raft


Cheese 'Ush - Negative Guard-rails ?
(i.e. My teeth will not cope with the
titanium crust around said delicacies
external circumference. Even the Can
Crusher couldn't mash THAT!


Lantern Swinger
I believe that the answer to the original question to be Pussers Devilled Kidneys which I had a few times. Really it was the sh*t without the raft though. Still loved it.


Yorkie_S/M said:
I believe that the answer to the original question to be Pussers Devilled Kidneys which I had a few times. Really it was the sh*t without the raft though. Still loved it.

Devilled Kidneys or possibly Kidneys Shiraz if the clacker mechanic was in leagues with the under wonder waiter for half a bottle of sherry now and then.


Lantern Swinger
Nutty said:
In my day "shit on a raft" or "Excreta a-la Kon Tiki" for th bunhouse was only served for breakfast as a seperate dish of the shit (kidneys in gravy) on the raft (fried bread).

Food of the Gods, just about the only day when everybody got out of their pits to eat breakfast.


the link given before has an extensive listing of RN menues from days past. In dits and bits

Apple Crumble and Custard
Babies Heads
Baked Stuffed Apples
BBQ Marinated Lamb Chops
Better Than Sex Cake
Bourbon balls
Carrot Cake
Cheese Ush
Cheesy Hammy Eggy
Chicken Sate
Chinese Wedding Cake
Christmas Cake
Curried Prawn with Coconut Milk (Jhinga moli)
Elephant's Footprints
Figgy Duff (or Sticky Date Pudding)
Grilled kippers with scrambled eggs
Jam Roly-Poly
Macaroni Pudding
Nine -o- clockers
Pussers Mushy Peas
Pussers Pot Mess
Rhubarb Pie
S**t On A Raft
Sago or Semolina puddings
Spithead Pheasant topped with poached egg
Spotted Dick
Three-tier Wedding Cake
Tiddy Oggies
Train Smash
Who gives a f***, it tastes good

Mmmmmm... Nine-o-Clockers... NAAFI Pilchard Paste
This is a step further than shit on a raft. At Portland it was called sausage turbigo and was fantastic for breakfast, lunch or tea. Make enough and after your evening meal it's just as good warmed up on toast.
Give it a go.

Take a dozen lambs kidneys.
Clean them and cut into small pieces discarding all the white cores and sinews.
Place in a pan of fresh water , add an oxo cube. Season well with black pepper.
Finely chop an onion and cook gently for a few minutes to soften. Add to pan. Gently simmer for about 10 minutes until tender.
Add some sliced mushrooms
Thicken the liquid if required with some cornflour
While this is cooking, cook some decent sausages. Chop sausages and add to pan.

Eat & enjoy
Ahhhh...Shite on the raft, my favorite breakfast, thank you chef, grovel,grovel. In the fifties the Navy had some weird and wonderfull food, I thought I was the first person in the world to discover rubber eggs, but it was just the norm. For years I thought that mushrooms were the stalks, untill I found out that the officers got the heads. but the creme de la creme of naval cooking was the soup fanny (a large aluminium pot) in which the chef bunged everything, after a tot and the soup fanny you never went out of the mess hungry, there was an ancient leading airman who swears he saw a a head come out of the soup fanny once, but I think he was having us on. Anyway the old chefs could not have been that bad as some of us are still alive to tell the tale


i or we naval chefs of the 60s always made shit on a raft for breakfast, with fried bread and sortie potatoes with baked beans
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