shit on a raft

Memory confused (served 1961 to 1971) having read the submariners recipe for shit on a raft it's not the scran I was thinking of. This was a dinner-type, main course dish - large serving dish topped up with kidneys and swimming in a rich/thick brown sauce - ruddy delicious!!! Anyone any ideas what it was, and is there a recipe anywhere?


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Shit on a Raft Recipe

Take one pound kidneys.
Clean them and cut into small pieces discarding all the white fatty bits and sinews.
Place in a pan of fresh water (DO NOT ADD SALT)
Bring to the boil and simmer for about 10 minutes until tender.
Thicken the liquid with Bisto (or your preferred gravy mix)
Eat & enjoy.
Thanks to Slim & SF. Can't understand SF's dislike of this cordon bleu dish.
But when I think about it, shit on a raft - like a lot of pusser's scran - was an acquired taste, made much better by the prior consumption of a tot or two!!! Thanks for all your advice and comments.


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Shit on a raft and the full english was a god send after a set of Night duty.A big spoonful on a nice bit of fried bread!Heaven!


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Like Hig and Andy, I never saw it as a main course dish. Always at breakfast as part of a full English.
Especiall good after a night on the deck.


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Perhaps submariners did things differently to us skimmers Higs & Andy.
I always remember it being served with breakfast. Asked if ti was available for breakfast in June at HMS Nelson when I was there for the HMS Manchester reunion. Informed that it wasn't served at weekends but they did sometimes have it on the menu. It was a great reunion but sh!t on a raft would have made it a fantastic one


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Maybe the sensitive palates of todays matelot arent up to Shit on a Raft?I mean it is offal!Not that todays Yoof knows where it comes from.It could be a reluctance on the part of the chefs of course.Personally i beleive its a secret thats handed down from Chief Chef to deserving minions.I have tried to replicate the dish on numerous occaisions but failed miserably.Even with my Certificate of Merit from the RN School of Cookery in HMS Pembroke its beyond my skills.The closest i came was using the small tins of PEK Kidneys in gravy and a few other choice ingredients.Also pussers baked beans, love 'em,but where do they get them from?The only ones to come close are the Compo rat pack ones with a lump of butter added.
In my day "shit on a raft" or "Excreta a-la Kon Tiki" for th bunhouse was only served for breakfast as a seperate dish of the shit (kidneys in gravy) on the raft (fried bread).

Food of the Gods, just about the only day when everybody got out of their pits to eat breakfast.


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