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Discussion in 'History' started by Anchor_Faced_Jack, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone answer a question that has been going around the office...............

    What is the crease that some people iron across the back of their shirts for?

    Thanks in advance
  2. to hide the birds bra strap of course
  3. I often wondered that.At Raleigh some Divisions had them and some didnt.
  4. It is a crease which says, "I am an anally-retentive ******** and I think that I am impressing people by putting a crease where it is totally unnecessary. I bull my shoes for an hour every night for the same reason, and I iron my underpants." :roll: The Foreign Legion put lots of unnecessary creases in their shirts because they have to be kept very busy otherwise they eat each other. :grin:
  5. It's been around since I joined in 85; I think it depends which division you were in at Raleigh or Dartmouth, ie who taught you to iron.

    It is also useful for identifying those people who don't have much of a life.
  6. Sounds feasible!

    I only bothered at Raleigh when I had to.

    I could never understand why a CWEM(O) instructor at Collingwood not only had the "bra stap" crease but pressed another one above it halfway between it and the top of his shirt. Probably something related to the reason why he carried invisible rolls of carpet where ever he went!
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I always thought the number of creases in your shirt was directly proportional to the number of friends you have multiplied by how close to pay day it is, divided by how much of a geek you are all added to how often you buy your wife flowers. :lol:

    I was also told that the line was introduced by WRNS to hide the visible bra line shown through their thin cotton shirts.
  8. In military life, the pursuit of perfect ironing can verge on the obsessional.

    Each regiment has a particular way of ironing a shirt. Some regiments would even have a particular crease across the back.

    This attention to detail was intended to force soldiers to take similar care with equipment and resources.

    It's all about having personal pride about your kit. If it's not right on the battlefield, that's when things go wrong!
  9. So if the Slopeheads get your creases wrong, you're fully entitled to give 'em a smack.

    Unless they look like Bruce Lee, of course.
  10. Anchor Faced Jack, that was the opinion of said office, you should have listened. :razz:
  11. Whatever its called, its not meant to be there if you are male.
  12. We had 2 schools of thought:

    1: To cover a WRNS Bra strap (in which case why do some blokes have them?)

    2: To identify men under puns
  13. We used to call it the ****** line as it was a highly visible way of identifying a ****** at distance.
  14. I believe the bra strap answer is correct.
  15. We were all required to do it at Raleigh and during Part 2 training at Collingwood, must just have been flavour of the month then.
    Although I think personal pride and smart kit is a good thing, ironing number 8/4s is like pissing in the wind, you have about as much chance of looking smart in those pathetic trousers with mongaloid tightening straps on the side instead os a belt as a wren does in her elasticated chav trolleys.
    An 8's shirt usualy looks like cardboard when it is new (and still has some fireproof properties) and after that has been washed out just looks like a dishrag.

    Then again, at the end of the day, you are there to kill people, not look pretty he he
    Never forget that haircut directive from some tool of an admiral in the 90s saying that we shouldn't have hair shorter than a grade 4 because it made us look aggressive............
  16. never had one hid my shirt with woolie poolie saved on ironing.........more beer time :lol:
  17. Ive found with that plan you still have to iron the 4's coller. But when it comes to 3's its all systems are go :)
  18. I remember a steward on the Campbeltown in 95 who always had 3 creases across the back, I always thought that was how many officers he could 'service' in a day!
  19. Its easier to iron a shirt with a 'bullshit crease' if your'e in a cramped cabin with no ironing board. Just fold the shirt over under the arms and iron both sides. Not sure where the idea of the crease originates from but try it at home, it works!
  20. For those youngsters here for No 8s read No 4s.

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