Shirt and tie otions for interview?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SB146564, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Any ideas, I have been told what not to wear. Would a white shirt and some sort of stripey tie suffice?
    Thanks again for any help
  2. Yeah just show that you've made an effort and you should be alright... as long as you don't turn up in baggy jeans, a t shirt and trainers you should be ok :)
  3. just wear what you would to a job interview cause 1st impresstions count for everything
  4. Pirate Rigs, your best bet mate. Looks like youve gone the extra distance with the nautical theme. Try and get a Parrot.

  5. Nicks and flip flops always worked for me, esp. at Table!!

    (Demonstrates that you are your own man!!)
  6. If you cant get a parrot, just tape a hard boiled egg to your shoulder, if anyone asks you are waiting for it to hatch................................ :boogie:
  7. I heard its a good idea to wear a party dress with the words

    "Im your bitch" stapeled to the front

    Might be just me though....
  8. Just show that you take a pride in your appearance. If you wear a white shirt, make sure that it is white and ironed. A smart jacket and well pressed trousers will go down well. Shoes should be polished. If you are not used to wearing a tie, don't bother; you will inevitably look like you don't know how to tie one properly. Above all else, be yourself.

    Good luck.
  9. For my interview I wore jeans and did loads of sit ups and press ups in the recruiting office. I understand from Ninja that were a recruit today built like me when I joined up I would not be allowed onto the PRMC. I was from a kids home, but also a county cross-country runner (middle of the field) and a county gymnast (skinny arms but very strong on floor, horse, beams and especially rope climbing). I have said this before, when I got to Deal they nearly sent me back to the Home because they could not fit all the pouches onto my G1098 belt. My mag pouches were above my thighs pointing forwards. After an initial run and beasting I specifically remember the training team saying something along the lines of 'We're training commandos not ******* guards so give the ****** a chance'. And so I was in, my 'adult' kissed me and gave me a hug and signed me off! (I was so embarrassed). I was not yet 17 :)

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