Shipwreck Ark Royal


BBC1 is running a programme called Shipwreck Ark Royal on Sunday at 8pm. The first public pictures of the 1941 wreck. Should be good viewing!


War Hero
Bloody marvellous film!Very good camera work,the old crew members were even got to "land" the ROV on the filght deck!


Lantern Swinger
Just finished both parts.

Fcuk me i was moved.

Splendid stuff - remarkable how they got the guy who damaged the bismark, the last man off and others who had tales to tell.

was welling up when i saw them let that old poridge wog "land" the remote robotic camera on the flight deck!!!



Yes wondered too why he was Court Marshalled, unless it was for a cock up after the torpedo hit, is there any way to find out?

What a wonderful experience for those old shipmates, sad but unforgettable.


Lantern Swinger
In the good ole days all Captains were court martialled over the loss of their ship for any reason, even if they were not at fault and were honourably acquitted

One reason, I suspect, was that it was a formal way of establishing what had happened

I don't know when this practice stopped - perhaps it still happened in WW2


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I thought it still happened, can any of the Falklands Vets. update, I read the story of the Ardent? a while ago and my failing memory tells me that the Captain was subject to a Court Martial.