Ships visit in Newcastle


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Does anyone know if theres a carrier in Newcastle this weekend or through the week? I caught the back end of the piece on Look North last night so looking for info.


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Carriers can't get that far up, they normally stop down in Wallsend. You're thinking of DD/FFs that stop up at Spillers Quay just down from the Pitcher and Piano and just up from the RMR Unit.

Just asked my outlaws - nothing see, even on Look North. Lusty has been on Ex with Teeny Weeny Airways off the NE of Scotland, could be she's putting in for a quick bottle of dog.


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i thaught she did visit newcastle last weekend but i could have been wrong. im sure it was going to dont know wether it happened.


Did 24 years in the Andrew & regretably never made it to my Home Town on a pussers ship , would loved to have done it & got my family on board for a few CSBs , mmmmmmm , :wink: