Ships Review

A ships review is on the itinerary for the URNU NEAT weekend. Does anyone know what this is? My CO tasked me with researching it but Google has failed me and my copy of jack speak is at another house.

I could make an educated guess, but I don't want to arrange for us to perform a stirring rendition of "Man, I feel like a woman" only to find out we are being inspected by an admiral.
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Wrecker has given the clue - try "revue" not "review".

Captain's Log, Whale Island. Stardate - not many years ago

Rushed rehearsal for what is now officially called a "revue" . The three ringer MC, trying to organise a gaggle of 2 and 3 star thespians into performing their sketch, makes reference to "Sod's Opera". One of the senior officers coughs apologetically and says: "I don't think that's a term we use any more, is it.....?"

MC replies: "Well, this is my show and I'm Superintendent of Diving."
Senior Officer sensibly withdraws his objection................