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Ships Nicknames

Seaweed,Shiny Sheff may have been given stainless steel QD guardrails by the City of Sheffield, but the MOD at the time bought ALL other upperdeck fittings in an experiment to reduce UD corrosion, or so the dit on the T22 Sheff's notice board said. It was not taken into common practice as it was not as cost effective as first hoped and it added to top weight.
Thanks, I think I've probably been hooked to an urban myth. Like people going 'Baaa' at her sister HMS Liverpool because of something about a sheep.
As remembered by me there was an order that men were not to lean out of the scuttles and go Baaaa! at HMS Liverpool when she was entering or leaving Portsmouth harbour. Allegedly someone on board had found Lurve with a sheep. Long ago! (Town class cruiser Lpool).
The Iron Duke was Irn Duck, as she was buit on the clyde. The chippy even made Irn Duck ships crests as well as the normal ones.

Cumberland was the mighty snorker surely, not the mighty sausage :)

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