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Ships Nicknames

The Black Pig sorry to hear you only had inches to spare in the suez canal , been through there three times on carriers, no problem, Cavendish must be some size.


absit invida - absum
SailbadTheSinner said:
CheefTiff said:
That famous Ton class aircraft carrier - HMS Ark Royalington

Ark Royalington

That reminds me of Rosyth in the early 80s when the MCM squadron there was located in temporary offices and has a name plate made 'HMS PORTAKABINTON'

I remember that sign. And HMS Portakabinton remained in commission until the very end and the base closed.
Kev73 said:
The Crazy 'Y' - HMS Yarmouth

from her time in the Falklands (i think)

From the cod war days I seem to remember something along the lines of “the Fuel mouth is Fowling. I was on the “road runner†at the time.
Geoff_Wessex said:
.....on drums, the Leander Class HMS Dildo.

Me thinks that when some get back off weekend leave we will have some choice comments to contend with. Anyway it was a bit lumpy up there at the time wasn’t it? :wink: :lol:
HMS Edinburgh - Fortress of the Sea (Currently serving on...)

This is due to Edinburgh Castle fending off God-knows how many assaults over the years. By that i mean the past obviously.

Anyone know the name for the Glouster???

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