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is there any way I can find out where my great grandfathers (Arthur Cyril Hemsley) ships took him, are the logs still around.
His posting were 1910 Bellerophon 1911 Diana, 1913 Roxburgh, 1915 Dolphin, 1919 Office of 4th Sea Lord, 1919, Hawkins, finishing up in 1920 President (N.I.A.C.C).as Paymaster Lieutenant-Commander


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Actually you can. There is a group transcribing sea log books from ships in the early 20thC to plot the weather believe it or not.
I spent a few months transcribing some WWI mine sweepers. A little boring really but some interesting moments.
Mind you most of those ships seem to be shore bases.

Would National Archives at Kew not have all that stuff? On the subject of Logs.When Conquers log went adrift after the Falklands,there was a funny cartoon in Private Eye. Maggie & Denis,sitting by an Xmas fire.' Throw another log on the fire dear?' And a pile of books at the fire side.:rofl:
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