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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by golden_rivet, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. quick question ...

    is the Submarine equivalent of the Ship's Log for submarines also called the Ship's Log???

    Does that make sense?

  2. If you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about, then the answer is the “Control Room Logâ€.

  3. I mean the Submarine version of what in the Army is the Unit Diary - the day-to-day account

  4. In my day "Boats Log" or "The Log" what it was known as when it reach MOD and archives could be a different matter.

  5. Control room logs are held at the National Archive under Class ADM 173, and cover most of the boats built. Certain logs are held back for reasons of OPSEC - POLARIS patrols, certain Sneakies and of course, CONX's log for May 1982.
  6. The Control Room Log was the closest thing to a continuous narrative of what was going on, with a standard entry every hour noting course, speed, depth, machinery states, weather etc, and other entries whenever something changed or or something noteworthy happened.

    The CO sent a monthly 'Report of Proceedings' to the Maritime Commander outlining the boats doings of the previous month.

    There was also a host of other paperwork that was sent ashore each month, or whenever practicable, that gave a picture of what was happening on board.
  7. The peace time logs were never interesting reading, at sea being a continous succesion of wheel/engine orders, the occasional visual fix and hourly readings. In harbour, they weren't much better, with Both watches and secure the most common. I did have the pleasure of pointing out to my female boss in MoD the classic understatement in the log one night in Gib "L/Stwd R, AB L, and LSA B returned on board by RN Patrol", followed one line later bt "L/Stwd R, AB L and LSA B disembarked by patrol to shoreside hotel". She loved it - and so did the 3 of us !!!
  8. The Control Room log is one of several logs used to reconstruct events for post analysis. The Control Room narrative is the biggy and that is usually backed up by Sound Room day diary and the patrol report. Big Brother and Little Sister get a look in as well.

    I wonder if any of my doodles will be ever be published when The Goverment decide to declassify them in about one million years time. ^_^;
  9. The USN have been declassifying theirs.I think they may be up to the late 1960s by now.I doubt if anybody on this board will ever see an RN one published but I wait to be pleasantly surprised.
  10. The range of Logs held at the National Archive covers the period 1914-1977 and all are open to viewing without restriction: however. there are some gaps in the sequences, due to the log being retained by the Pusser on OPSEC grounds, or the logs were never forwarded to the Archive Department.
  11. So...That's the sneaky runner logs firmly under wraps then! Phew!!!!
  12. Dont be to sure comrade.
  13. Don't tell me,they are all on a laptop left by a canal!

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