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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Shay1991, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Hi I've been looking around and can someone confirm what ships WE work on. From what I've read I believe it's frigate class and above? Could be wrong
  2. All of them.....
  3. Even boats.....
  4. 30ish WE AB's on a carrier
    10-15 WE AB's Type 45
    2 WE AB's Minehunter
    1 WE AB River Class.

    WE's serve on all ships except P2000's.
  5. Is the WEO on a P2000 now not a LET(WE) instead of a LMEM(L)?
  6. Still a stoker.
  7. Don't force it, use a bigger hammer!
  8. To be pedantic I was going to say WE's are "carried" on all ships and submarines, I think "work" is too strong a word :)
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  9. One of those 4 letter bad words. WE means on watch scran and on watch moves, all make for max rack time
    Drafted to most places ashore and afloat

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