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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by WhizzbangDai, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. I was trawling the forums, and happened upon a thread about NGS that had wandered a fair distance to the kind of ships used to combat piracy off Somalia. One chap made the point that there are two Castle class ships Leeds Castle, Dunbarton Castle laid up, and that it wouldn't take that much to re-commission them and use them - cheaper to maintain and run, big flight deck to support the flight ops, room for bootie aboard, no weapons too expensive for the job - 30mm + GPMG's...

    so, the question being..wouldn't they be more useful? and how much would it cost to get them back in action?

    Or, (in line with another forum topic), do we or do we not need a new class of smaller ocean going corvette class ships to do this kind of job!
  2. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Depends if the vessels have got the C4ISTAR ability to fit into the EU TF. That is going to be the big drag - getting the vessels to a standard where they can operate inside a Multi-national task force. I know at least one was refitted as a MCM command vessel, so it should be doable. Not sure they can support a ships flight for a long deployment though - they'd need to return the cab to a mother vessel regularly to keep it serviceable.

    It would take the load of the main escort fleet, but if it did, then the destroyer /frigate mafia would be worried that it sets a precedent not to use their precious escorts.

    The theory is that the long term escort plan calls for C1/2/3 escorts, giving vessels of varying capability to replace the current fleet. Personally I'd be amazed if it turns up.
  3. This is what you need to deal with pirates
    HMS Victory
  4. As I recall it, Dumbo wasn't particularly well equiped for prolonged, unsupported ops. I think that even when the RO plant was working, she only had enough fresh water for 14 days. As Purple_twiglet said, providing anything more than a landing pad and refuelling point for HELOs isn't possible. She also OPDEFed for a passtime!

    Some time back, I thought that the CASTLEs would be useful off the Shat Al Arab waterway but there would have been a DD/FF nearby.
  5. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    You'd like to think so but at the moment certain other Navies are operating within the EUTF construct with little better than cans and wet string!! we've had to give them a lash up to allow them to work, god only knows what it will be like when the Command passes from the UK.
  6. Im currently serving on Cumberland, and after our little trip on the GOA, I can put this to bed.
    We were so effective becasue of our Lynx. Hence little boats like Leeds Castle cannot do what us or a T23 can.
  7. Good answer :twisted:

    On the uproll...FIRE!
  8. Clyde has a Lynx on it, so could a 'done up' FPS Ship do it? I'm not having a dig, I understand that the main reason for using the 23's is their ISTAR and C4 capabilities.

    I hit on this subject in an other thread, on weather or not a Type 23 is too much 'bang' for the job.

  9. The answer to this is really not how little can you get away with and look as if you are doing something but what do you really need if you want to do the job properly.

    Considering the overall sea are to be covered the ship(s) needs to be able to operate with RFA support at sea for periods of several weeks, as the nearest potential bases are Djibouti, or Mombasa. To be effective a helo is required, preferably a merlin but a lynx would just do. Decent comms and ops room to ensure decent cooperation with other floating assets and lrmp/rpv support and own and other ships helos. In addition the ship needs to carry some Royals.
  11. There are a number of capabilities that a unit needs to be able to field in order to be effective. Helo support, at least two large armed boats, bunks for crew and up to 30 RMs, role 1+ / 2 medical facilities and good satcom connectivity are some of those capabilities required.

    The 22B2s would have been good with a little re-working of accomodation inside, and also a hangar big enough for two lynxs.

    The germans are able to have 2 lynxs airborne within 30mins of each other, which is great.
  12. You also need SPEED, both to keep up with modern merchant ships and to get to the scene of an incident. I dont think the Castle Class can do much more than about 12 knots.
  13. there is quite a large chance that at the end of march ill be posted to a vlcc operating through the gulf of aden. From what Iv been told the qualified officers are now getting 100% extra pay for agreeing to transit and the war zone clause. I do feel that one of the best ways to combat these pirates would be to embark Royal Marines on our merchant ships as they transit. Obviously the serving and ex members of the RN on here have a much better idea as to wat would be possible and wat would be practical and i was wondering what you all think?
  14. FFS just give the guys on any ship a shotgun and a cattle prod and stop fcuking about
  15. FFS just give the guys on any ship a shotgun and a cattle prod and stop fcuking about[/quote]

    Ha yea could do, tho weve got fire hoses right now so their ak47s are no match.
  16. Ha yea could do, tho weve got fire hoses right now so their ak47s are no match.[/quote]
    FFS have you seen those twats in action with the AK's?

    Shotgun, Deer cartridge,steady hand =fuzzywuzzy in shreds.
    If it gets near..... cattleprod or swift kick in the bollocks

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