Ships decommissioned since 1997

I would like to see the planned date of decommissioning and the actual date of those vessels, also a list of cases in which the projected replacement for a vessel has come in anywhere near the time of decommissioning. I suspect that would make embarassing reading.
Add HMS Roebuck and HMS Walney for 2010 (link). HMS Liverpool was also due to decommission in 2010 but...

HMS Liverpool's life extended until 2012 6 Jan 2009 said:
Budget cuts and severe delays to various Royal Navy programmes have forced commanders to authorise the extension of the life of the (sic) HMS Liverpool, a Type 42 Destroyer. By the time the ship is taken out of service in 2012 it will have been in service 30 years.

The ship which came into service in 1982 was originally scheduled to be scrapped in 2010. However delays and cuts to the Type 45 Destroyer programme along with the well documented delays to the aircraft carrier programme have forced naval officials to extend Liverpool's life a further two years...
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off_les_aura said:
Jesus how did that happen?
It didn't happen - really. According to Liebour we are still in the middle of the biggest shipbuilding programme since the beginning of time......and have been for at least eight years!

Conveniently doesn't mention some of the other ships in 3 basin (Invincible for one and whichever old Fort is in there as well) and elsewhere either.
Most of them weren't even launched when I was in.....sad old git..... way past my sell by date..... and way past my bedtime.... coming nurse ! :(
When I left my last ship prior to going outside it was the only one I'd served in that was still in comission. 4 years later even that was gone. Came as a bit of a shock really. 8O

Rapidly changing times I suppose :sad3:


Lantern Swinger
Rumrat said:
Anyone on here serve on HMS Splendid in 1984?
No, but I got the depth gauge..!
Looking and acting very much like the clock now prominantly displayed in the SR mess @ Raleigh. :D
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