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Hi Everyone,

Forgive a poor crab for stumbling into a RN Forum, but I'm trying to sort out a present for my Grandfather ( a retired RN Submariner & Mine Clearance Diver), and I need help finding the ships crests for all the ships he served on/commanded.

I've found the majority, but I was wondering if there was a website, or museum that I could contact who would be able to sort me out with ones I'm missing.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Soleil

The Ships were as follows:

HMS Largo Bay
HMS Ceylon
HMS Cleopatra
HMS/M Trespasser
HMS/M Alaric
HMS/M Thule
HMS/M Artful
HMS Exmouth
HMS Sheraton
HMS Alfriston
HMS Shavington
HMS Laleston
HMS Thatcham
HMS Exploit

And there were shore establishments as well, but I don't need those just yet. I've found some, but they aren't all very good quality.
Thanks 3yearstilltx, but not quite what I was looking for, I'm trying to get the crests so I can get them engraved onto a set of port glasses for him.

P.S Can't remember the last time I stayed in a hotel :wink:


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With due respects to your father in law.
With the amount of ships he served on would it not be more appropriate to get him an engraved Salt Celler. Preferably a large one? :wink:


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With perhaps the odd exception where the name has been used before, Ton-class minesweepers had a generic 'minesweeper' badge but each different ship would have had its own name on it. Thatcham likewise. Try the Ton-class assn website.

Oh and it's 'Largs Bay' not 'Largo' if you are truing to search for her.


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While we're on the topic, does anyone know what the ship's badge would look like for HMS Snowdrop (K67). Flower class corvette. Not having much luck with the links provided. Many thanks.

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As far as I can remember my late father stated that the 'Flowers' never had official ship's badges, although many created their own. Dad served as a signalman, then coder (problem with his eyes on the convoys on an open bridge) He served on HMS Clover for most of WWII and they had an unofficial badge. I have a copy somewhere but cannot find it at the moment. Not sure if the Flower Class Corvette Association is still going, They may have some info.

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JFH - if directed at me, definitely the wrong service. RN through and through. Brought up on Dad's stories (true and some make believe) from a very young age, and proud of it!
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