Ships complement T23/45 question.

Afternoon all,

A quick one for anyone who can help. Need the department breakdowns for T23 and T45 (X, WE, ME, L) asap. PM if you are worried about sec issues......

Answers much appreciated!


I dont need overall complement numbers, Im looking for a departmental breakdown (ie, its about 35 L, 70ish X etc..) for a brief. Normally I would ask one of the local Warfairies but they are all out of office, as I havent served on a T45, and it's been a while since I was last on a 23 and wanted up-to-date figures rather than a "best-remembered" one.

Alfred. Thanks. Maybe take some of your own advice, or read the actual querstion posed before jumping in with the "lazy newby wanabee" diatribe. a) because im not one, and b) because the RN web doesnt have the details that i am looking for, hence the post on here.


I'm impressed that you work somewhere that has Naval Service personnel yet you can't be arsed to pick the phone on your desk and ring up one the WMOs, NCHQ or frankly your last ship (or any ship on the waterfront) and ask.

Oh, and a 13 word reply isn't a diatribe.
Wow. So judgemental in such a short post - im genuinely impressed. I personally cannot see the problem with asking a very inoffensive question on here, which can be looked at, whilst I am making not only all the calls that you so graciously deigned to list, but also try and carry out other more pressing tasks. It's called multi-tasking. Perhaps they didnt teach you that "back in the day"...?

I apologise - you are quite correct, it was not a diatribe. However, it was uneccessarily patronising and belittling. If i WAS doing POLC or looking for info to help with the CW process preparation, I would be staggered to read your comments, and would withdraw my papers immediately for fear of turning out in similar fashion.
Try the Global Address List - will give you the email address of every account on those platforms. From the email address you can interpret what branch people are and how many there are.

Bit of a nause but will be more accurate than some random bit if information you get passed on here.
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