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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by TimeToJoinUp, Feb 28, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know the up to date compliment figures for Illustrious/Ark?

    Currently I have three sources, and they all say different things. I suspect none of them are correct because they are out of date.

    The royal navy handbook 2003: 685 + 386 aircrew
    British Warships and Auxiliaries 2007: 752 + 384 Air Group (600 as LPH)
    Wikipedia: 685 crew 366 Fleet Air Arm

  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    42. The rest are just holograms... :roll:
  3. Knocker White just went on his DHP course so it's down to 743 today!

    12 Aircrew!
  4. Here's another set of figures from the RN website (link): 726 Ship's company, 384 Air Group personnel

    Each ship has a 'Scheme of Complement' detailing billets and the personnel required to fill them but actual numbers will fluctuate depending on circumstances such as current role, embarked staff, trainees on board, gapped billets, etc.
  5. :roll: :roll: 384 AIR GROUP, you are jesting of course the last time that happened was 82 :wink: :wink: :wink:
  6. You're not far wrong! Most ships have more personnel than they actually need purely for damage control purposes.

    So the rest are dead weight and/or holograms.

  7. So then does it follow that the DC party is the most important job on board seeing has this is the only reason these extra people are bourne on the ships books.

  8. Just there to scrub out :D
  9. Stix - Never disagree with a Newbie-Wannabee-Knowall, perlease.

    Where would RR be without their gems of wisdom - You don't want to upset them all, do you?

    They might even sulk and slink off to the RAF. Where would the future of the RN lie then?? :wink:
  10. Thanks guys. I've gone with the RN website figures. Hopefully that'll be good enough...
  11. EHHHH???
    I've read threads of yours before now and if i'm correct, your not even in the RN yet!
    Think I'll just treat waht you say with the disdain it deserves. Some time at sea would change that opinion methinks. I have been to sea on seven different platforms and none of them carried pasengers, everyone had a job to fulfil, which was NOT Damage Control!
  12. 384 plus airgroup then :wink: :wink: Invincible class aircraft carriers
    HMS Invincible (R05) (†3) 2 SHAR pilots
    Capt. J.J. Black
    801 Black Death Squadron (8 BAE Sea Harriers)
    809 Squadron (4 BAE Sea Harrier)
    820 Squadron (10 Sea King HAS.5)[2]
  13. ... Yeah but Scouse rememer that they have Crab sqdns on board on occassion.
  14. Katz Surely this thread is about "Ships Complement", NOT "Passenger Lists" 8O
  15. So you want to know how many people work on an Invincible class carrier?

    None of the PO's
    Half the Chiefs
    All officers below LT

    And the squadrons personnel do the work of two men each, and eat their rations!!!! :D

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