Ships' cats?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dunkers, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Is it right that warships are no longer allowed to have a "ship's cat"? Alledgedly for hygiene reasons. Personally I would have thought that having your ship overrun with rats was a tad unhygeinic but there you go.

    So do you still get ships' cats? HMS Caledonia has one but it's a shore establishment.

    Over to you! :lol:
  2. The only rats now-a-days are two legged.
  3. They all died on the 31st July 1970

  4. A day that will be well remembered as infamy :!:
  5. Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!

    (Sorry, couldn't help myself!) :D
  6. Thought someone would cotton on :lol: --- though it still doesn't excuse the Govt of the day stopping the tot !! :x
  7. We could lobby the Strasbourg court (after exhausting the legal system in the UK) on the grounds that the abolition of Tot infringed our human rights under, say, Article 5: the "right" to liberty... the liberty of matelots throughout Europe to drink bubbly. Perhaps it could be added to a list of demands/requests put forward to our masters by BAFF? :wink:

    Would we be entitled to have cats back on board ships: seacats, ship's cats, nine-tailed cats and of course submarine cats.
  8. Does coming back from a night out in the lovely Jesters, then strolling (falling) down the Qtr deck ladder and meowing over the tanoy at 4am count as a ship’s cat?
  9. Had a Tomcat on Eagle 2X0 mess 57-59,had its own life belt complete with ships name,fed on raw meat and rum,nastiest piece of work youve ever seen,Sh*g your jumper, carp in your hammock,claw and bite the s*it ot of you, sad to say i think it was float tested in the Med,it was never seen again. RIP Shipmate.
  10. There's one still serving aboard Belfast, well a toy/stuffed one anyway, tucked up in its cat size hammock. Does that count? There ought to be one on board Victory!

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