Ships Boats of the 1930's and 1940's?

Discussion in 'History' started by bargee1937, Jul 1, 2015.

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  1. Can someone direct me to specifications - and if possible pictures - of the RN embarked-small-craft during the 1930's and 1940's.
    I have made extensive Internet searches in connection with my Paper about Operation Dynamo, but the only type I've been able to find pictures-of were the Montague Whalers built for the Navy under Contract over more than 2 decades, by Walter Cook and Son of the Hythe, Maldon, Essex.
    I know there were Cutters, Gigs, Longboats, Barges, Pinnaces, etc - but can I find the standard Adm. specifications and some pictures? No. Not so far! So I'm hoping that someone on this forum can help.
    I;'m sure that DSVP cleared the Dockyards of HMS Wildfire of everything that could float to be towed across and employed to ferry soldiers over that half-a-mile of shoaling beach out to the Destroyers, personnel vessels, and Schuyts in depper water, - but of what Admiralty Types were those boats? V Come to that, what boats did the destroyers have embarked as a part of their usual establishment, that they would have used for the same ferrying duties. "Sands of Dunkirk" (1961), "The Miracle of Dunkirk" (1981), and "Little ships that saved an army" (1990) only mention these small Naval craft in the most general terms.
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    Volume 1 of the Manual of Seamanship covers this - try and find the 1937 or 1951 edition.
  3. The oldest edition I hold of the Manual of Seamanship Vol II was publshed in 1951 and contains the attached pages. I suggest you search for an edition covering the timeframe in which you are interested.

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  4. Thank you all very much - that's enough info for me to continue my research and my writing. A member of the Kipling Society [a Cdr,RN] also posted information there which is very useful, in connection with background to the 1905-era Pyecroft stories. Taken together your information and his gives me a very good idea of the uncounted, un-issued, RN ships' boats that D.S.V.P. would have swept-up from every Dockyard on the S. Coast, to be towed to Dunkirk for ferry duties between the beaches and the ships anchored-off.
  5. AS a last question on this, Ramsay sent a number of destroyers to Dunkirk for the evacuation. Can anyone advise of me the normal small boat issue to those destroyers. As first rescue vessels on the scene, the records relate that the Destroyers used their own boats to begin ferrying-off the assembling British Troops. So if any member here knows what those older destryers usually had embarked, it would be most helpful to me. Thanking you all in advance.
  6. Thank You, naval Gazer. Adm. Ramsey had old V's and W's available for uplift , that worked sometimes from the Harbour Moles, and sometimes anchored-off the beaches, and were loaded by repeated small-boat ferry trips; - -and the online historic pictures of those Destroyer Classes show sometimes two embarked boats and sometimes three, - the extra boat being carried to Stbd, on an extra set of davits. But I can't find any detailed photos with high-enough reslutions to identify the boats. When there are two - I'd expect one to be a 27ft Montagu Whaler, and the other to be a 25ft M/B. But when there are three? I wonder what the extra one was.
  7. Have just trawled through online images of the V's that Richeard Collier Lists as Dunkirk Evac. Ships - Vanquisher, Venomous, Verity, Vimy, and Vivacious - and all of them seem to have the Whaler embarked at the Port davits abreast of No. 1 funnel, and a round-bilge M/B with two folding canvas screens on the Stbd davits, exactly opposite the Whaler's davits. Some of the W's seem to have two extra boats embarked on deck-cradles abaft the standard davits, either side of the deckhouse carrying the midships Gun, - but I can't get good enough resolution images to make guesses at what those extra boats might be.
  8. Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, sorry to join this late, well 2 years late it seems, but maybe if anyone still monitors this they can help. I have a 27ft Montagu Whaler (previously owned by lord Harlech) and it displays the numbers E107 and a date of 1940. I am trying to research where it was built, when -accepting the 1940 as a starting point) and any provenance this boat may have.... hope one of you may offer some ideas and even help. Many thanks...SG
  9. Oops, just read what I posted and it should have said E109...sorry. Tried to add a photo but it keeps coming up with an error code. And won't let me paste in an image either.
    Basically it is as below, but carved onto the Stbd bow and port stern posts.
  10. Try contacting the staff at Boathouse No. 4 in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

    2016-08-23 11.50.33.jpg
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