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Discussion in 'History' started by OldSparker, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. A long shot! On behalf of a friend of a friend I have been asked to try and track down the ships bell from HMS GRENVILLE (F197) which went to scrap in the mid 1970's! I said it was a long shot!

    We have tried the Naval Historical Branch without luck. We have tried e-Disposals, part of the Disposal Services Agency, again without luck. The Trophy Store in HMS NELSON is apparently no longer manned these days though we await another contact number to try them.

    Any ideas where this bell might be located or who might know? Thanks!
  2. OldSparker, Grenville was not scrapped in the mid 70's mate she went to the breakers in 1983.
    She was scrapped by Queensborough breakers on the Medway.
    This hopefully points you into the right county. 8O :(
  3. I always thought the ships bells and the name treadplates were always taken off and returned to dockyard hand before the ships were taken away
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ages and ages ago Pusser had a sell-off of ship's bells (maybe one of several such sales). I think there was some preference for those with a specific association with the ship. Any particular bell could be anywhere by now.
  5. HMS Grenville had in the past some association with Penzance - the local Sea Cadet Corps are her namesake, T.S. Grenville.

    Perhaps the ships bell was presented to the town of Penzance?

    Just a thought. :?

  6. That's a brilliant idea, SP.

  7. It occurred to me this afternoon to have a look at Forces Reunited, to see whether anyone from HMS Grenville's crew has registered on there. In fact, there are 132 of them on there.

    If tracing the bell is really important, it might be worthwhile composing a short message and sending it to all of them, asking whether they know what happened to it.
  8. Thanks to you all; a few good leads there! Rumrat - I had no idea the old girl lasted until 1983. Not bad for a WW2 ship who sunk a U-boat!
  9. Soleil - you list of disposed ships brought me up sharp! Three of my old ships on there! Grenville, Dee and Shoulton. I know I'm getting old but it's still a bit of a shock to see their names! For the younger members, Dee was a small Ham class inshore minesweeper; I served on her when she was a University Training Ship running out of Liverpool. Shoulton was a Ton class minesweeper, one of many built over the years. She was part of the 3rd MCM Squardron running out of Portland when I (briefly) served on her. Grenville was a Frigate converted from a war-time destroyer (I believe) and ended up as a trials ship running out of Portsmouth for what was ASWE (Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment) up on Portsdown Hill north of Portsmouth. She used to do trials on new radar and radio kit before it went onto new ships (or not as the case may be).
  10. Wrecker The sixth HMS Bulwark (R08) of the Royal Navy was towed from Portsmouth to Cairnryan to be scrapped in April 1984. ....
    Her bell was in the FAA museum last time I saw it. My youngest son was christened in it. The bell was inverted and used as a font on such occaisions. His name is stamped inside the bell.
  11. I brought Grenville back from Gib in 1966 where she had been mothballed. I don't remember there being a bell on her then. OiC in Gib was a Lt Day, Boom defence geezer. So if there wasn't one then would another be cast for her? Can't remember what happened to Grenville after that. I hopped off to Fisheries Protection and out the mob in 67.
  12. My wife's uncle served in her, he said he cant remember where he is half the time never mind the bell :D :roll:
  13. Does anybody know what happened to HMS Amazons (type 21) bell? My name is on it and i'm just curious as to where it is now. ;)
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    As stated earlier (by Seaweed I think), the MOD sells ship's bells occasionally. They used to be promulgated by DCI. I imagine that now it'd be by JSP. I bid for one for one of my brothers old ships (one of the tribals, can't remember which one). Bear in mind that the tribals were decommissioned early 80's I believe, and this DCI came out around 10 years ago give or take 2 years, so I'd guess that roughly 20 years after decommissioning is about standard (if there is a standard). I also remember from the DCI that preference would be given first to any crew members whose children were baptised onboard (and therefore had their names engraved inside the bell), then any former crew members and lastly any ex RN.
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    On the subject of bells, does the tradition of engraving the names of children christened on board extend to shore establishments too? As a navy brat who was christened at St Barbra's church on Whale Island, I'd be interested to know if my name is inside the bell from late '62 / early '63.
  16. To be honest I probably polished it out, I did a bit of time on pun there and the favorite tasks were the ships bell and the two brass cannon next door on the quarterdeck.
    Soz :D :(
  17. I was once a member of T.S Grenville and I seem to recall us having the Ships Bell and numerous things from the ship. I may of course be wrong. But why don't you conctact the Unit? I think the OC is Matt Bird.

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