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Discussion in 'The Internet - Best and Worst' started by hodge, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. hodge

    hodge New member

    Evenin' all..

    Does anybody know of a good place where i can find some decent pics of RN Ships badges ? it's for my Sea Cadet Unit and i've trawled the world wide webby but no luck :(

    any help much appreciated :thumright:
  2. Chaz

    Chaz War Hero

    Erm... Google images!!

    Think you may mean crests & not badges?
  3. hodge

    hodge New member

    Well, same thing! anycase google images are okay - but it's a bit unreliable when some of the Minehunters are typed in...
  4. forth60

    forth60 New member

    Hello Chaz
    Please note that the correct term is ships BADGES, not crests, and always has been since 1919 when the current official system of Royal Naval Heraldry was established.

    Hello Hodge,
    What ships badges designs are you seeking?
  5. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    Hello Forth
    Please note that for those of us that either HAVE served, or are, in fact STILL serving the correct term is ships CREST not BADGE. A Badge is something sewn onto your No1 Uniform at certain intervals of your career.
    Anyone who comes on here without having served and spouts off about 1919 and heraldry really does think about moving out of mummy and daddys house and looking for a girlfriend. Or a life ;)
    mmmkay there Dorothy?

    Oh, and "Hodge". See above. They aren't the same thing.
    Chaz was trying to help and you pair have come across as a pair of cocks.
    Nice one and welcome to you both :pukel:
  6. forth60

    forth60 New member

    Hello Lamri,
    You are wrong.
    If YOU are serving or have served, check DCIs/ Navy lists.
    A Ships Badges Comittee is listed, never a Ships Crests Comittee.
    Your other comments should be placed where the sun never shines.
  7. forth60

    forth60 New member

    Hello Hodge,
    Now that Lamri sems to have crawled back into his bunk, try this link.
    I think it might be what you are looking for.
  8. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    Oh I'm sorry, did you think it was up for discussion?
    Effing civvies :roll:
  9. forth60

    forth60 New member

    Dear Lamri,
    Dont want to get into a slagging match but I was in uniform when you were still in nappies.
    Civvy? Foxtrot Oscar.
    Just to remind you, the guy was asking about sourcing Ships Badges...
  10. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    Yes, effing Civvy.
    May I remind YOU that the Sea Cadet is looking for photos of Ships CRESTS, as called such by MATELOTS.
  11. forth60

    forth60 New member

    OK Lamri,
    I see you are not in MOD mode.
    Point 1. Navy List 1995 (the nearest one to hand at this time in the morning)
    Page 265 - Ships Names and BADGES Comittee -
    Representative Members are :-
    Commodore Naval Ship Acceptance
    The Head of the Naval Historical Branch
    Surrey Herald of Arms Extraordinary
    Representatives of DNOT, DNAW, DST, DN Plans, CNSO and DRP (W) (Secretary)
    Point 2. Check your facts before you go off on one.
    Point 3. After checking your profile, I note that you are also, as you as you piquantly put it, an effing civvy.
    Never mind, we both did our stint but why the attitude?
  12. alhucoll

    alhucoll New member

    One ships CREST to the left - HMS Marlborough.

    It's a CREST not a badge..................... :thumright:
  13. Chaz

    Chaz War Hero

    Thank you alhucoll, have just seen that Lamri tried to say this last night but some civvy goon was adament they're badges not crests... as Lamri correctly said we sow badges on our uniform, be it No's 1 or 4 etc!
  14. Naval_Gazer

    Naval_Gazer Supporters - GCM

    I can recommend 'Badges & Battle Honours of HM Ships' by Lt Cdr K. V. Burns DSM RN (Maritime Books 1986). It contains lots of good photos, details and histories of ships and even describes how the designs of many ships' badges were based on family and civic crests and arms. Amazon has several copies available starting at £5 (link).
  15. RoofRat

    RoofRat New member

    Lamri you are wrong Mate.
    From the RN's own website,
    Link supplied,

  16. Asst_Ed

    Asst_Ed New member

    Badge it is indeed, as the NHB tell us. If we ever write "crest" there's a barrage of e-mails/letters/phone calls from irate readers.

    We have most badges from the past 20 years as hi-res jpegs/tifs thanks to the phot section at Tipner (now in the dockyard). They made a CD rom full of them about 10 years ago very useful.

    If you can find a copy, the definitive list of badges can be found in T P Stopford's two volume Admiralty Ship's Badges 1919-94
  17. alhucoll

    alhucoll New member

    Well, even if officially the ships thingy is a "badge", I've always known it as the ships "crest" and will always call it that. I think the majority of matelots who are serving and have served will refer to it as a "crest".

    Worst and best crest/badge anyone?

    I'll start with the Marlboroughs as the best, something about the Wyvern that says "don't Fcuk with us!"


    Edited for being Monglike in thoughts...................
  18. Asst_Ed

    Asst_Ed New member

    HMS Somerset - squashed spider
    HMS Richmond - flying waffle

  19. Chaz

    Chaz War Hero

    HMS Hermione - a tree resembling a mushroom cloud!
  20. hodge

    hodge New member

    Thanks for the help guys, i've always called them a badge because that is what the SCC tell us to call them but i suppose most of you matelots are right calling them crests...

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