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Discussion in 'History' started by I.O.U., May 5, 2008.

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  1. Looking for a picture/sticker of the badge for HMS Phoebe, the Dido class cruiser not the frigate. My Grandad served on Phoebe in WWII and is looking for something to go in the car window. Tried google images and the piccies i found on there are a bit small so if anyone knows where i could get anything better it would be appreciated.
    Cheers :thumright:
  2. What,like this one?

  3. Yep pretty much like that one!

  4. Perhaps your father would be interested in looking at the following website:


    He will find lots of information, including maybe some friends of old. The association represents both the Destroyer and the Frigate, but in the main is mostly represented by those from the WWII experience.

    An annual reunion takes place every year at various locations around the country. The association is also associated with the TS Phoebe which is the Bournemouth Sea Cadets. A memorial stone is also set in place next to the Cenotaph in the Bournemouth Gardens.

    I am positive that your father will be able to purchase, or put on the right track to purchase a sticker for his car, and other items.
    Remember the crest above is for the the Destroyer, the Frigate HMS Phoebe (F42) had a the same picture, but in a round crest.

    Regards, Chris
    Ex CY
    Ex Commanding Officer TS Phoebe

  5. Phoebe crest attached mate: HMS Phoebe.jpg
  6. Mate, the youngest he could be is 88....last thing he needs is a car sticker :cool:
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  7. Ah!.....yes, indeed!

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