Shipping Times: "Netherlands Submarine Crew In River Thames Visit"

Interesting to read about Peter Hinchliffe, OBE The Secretary General, International Chamber of Shipping & International Shipping Federation. He was once my XO in Renown. Merry Christmas Peter.:santa:


Lantern Swinger
Hope the troops have a good run ashore in the Smoke. Spent a few weeks at sea on a Dutch boat and it was top class. The ships company and officers were all mint and the scran was top notch. Something to be said for a 3 course meal every lunchtime. A couple of the lads carried out the duties of whole boat messmen (one was the scablifter) not only serving the bunhouse but also plating upthe victuals for the senior rates and several times a watch going round the boat with a big pot of fresh coffee for all the watchkeepers (and a tray of freshly cooked pastries) - they should have all been fat bastards! Totally professional as well and would have no qualms about going to war with the crazy Dutch b*stards. The shack presented me with a gift of the highest quality 'gentlemans BR's' as a leaving gift - the signalmans uncle owned a sex shop in Rotterdam - BZ!
Standing by to be corrected, but I believe the UK has authorised acceptance but not wearing of the NATO Medal with Clasp Africa. Fairly sure I saw someone who had just received theirs a while back.

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