Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by SALTY, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Where are you now my old shipmates who sailed 'neath funnels of different hue
    Scattered like chaff before the wind from Caergwrle to Wooloomooloo
    We had a special bond between us I've never reached ashore
    Mere mortals who have not been to sea don't seem to know the score

    I remember you in the Caradoc and in the bars of Yokohama
    In the Radio bar in Tandjong Priock and in the shadow of Fujiyama
    From Valparaiso to the Golden Gate, Panama and the River Platte
    Auckland and the Sydney Bridge your friendship was a privilege

    The Irish, the Welsh ,the English and the bonnie Scot
    We were all put together in the melting pot
    Do you like me look out to sea to where the water meets the sky
    And imagine friends so far away and turn with a misty eye

    Your faces pass before me whilst at my reverie
    There will never be people quite like you - my brothers of the sea

    SALTY :)
  2. nice one salty. :)
  3. Never a truer word spoken, Salty
  4. A SALTY Sailor sailed the Seas
    Hunting for Kraken and chivalry
    What he found onboard were a bunch of men
    Committed to the Service, their Oppos and oggin.

    He travelled afar across misty seas
    Saw happenings his mates back home never did
    Took rabbits home and exotic sweets
    Did jankers and served his time longing for home.

    One day he departed, not sorry to leave
    Boarded his last ship Citizen,
    Yet after a year with a tear, he looked back
    At the comradeship, true friendship
    Of his time in the Mob.
    Well that's my perspective as a civvy! :)
  5. nice one civvy :)

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