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Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by pusser_uk, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Looking through the forums, I can find nothing that fits my question, but hope this forum and some anchor-faced lovely person 8) may be able to help in this quest.

    I have been searching for a sound file, .wav or whatever, that I can use as a ringtone on my phone. Yeah, I know it sounds kinda strange, but I have strange ideas from time to time. :lol:

    I am looking for a good recording of the old WW2 destroyer hooter when, in the movies, you hear it "whoop, whoop, whoop!"

    Not an easy one to find, I have been looking for a while. I know that they used to be able to make those sounds.

    If any wonderful person has one, can rip one from a movie, or whatever, I would be very interested.
  2. PM Thingy,he deals with this sort of thing
  3. This may help,


  4. Thanks Jerry but the link takes me further into ringtones on ez-tracks than I am prepared to go. It needs me to sign up and that is not an option, sorry.
    Thanks anyway.
  5. A Siren Suite :?:
  6. Hopefully making this a bit clearer, I am NOT looking for ringtones, I am looking for a sound file. My phone is quite capable of using .wav, .mp3 or anything like that and I can transpose them. I am only looking for a sound file, if anyone can help.
  7. Is there such a thing?
  8. I have diesel boat klaxon as my ringtone,have no idea how to send it to anyone but if you know and want it as a music file let me know. Would say PM me but have no idea what that means (sounds really technical!!)
  9. Folks never listen,lets try again.
    PM Thingy,he deals with this sort of thing
  10. Barney

    I've just sent you a PM - if you look at the bit of the screen under the Forces Financial Advert you will see the words "Private Message (1 New).

    Click on those words to see what a PM is.

    Or is it just a wind-up when you say you don't know what a PM is? ............. :lol:
  11. Our dear pal Thingy is unwell and has asked me to post this link on his behalf,I told you that he would help

    ship sounds
  12. At the opening of that bloody awful Norman Wisdom film, the Bulldog Breed, there’s a very good DD/FF siren from good old Portland. There is also a BBC Cassette of sound effects that includes a siren and, I think, an U-Boot klaxon.

    Blatant thread-drift but those were the days when warships sounded like warships and not bloody I o W ferries!

    Back to Thread, there are some good ASDIC pings in the Cruel Sea that make good ringtones.
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  14. Thanks, have heard that one, not quite a "whoop, whoop, whoop!" though.

  15. That is brilliant! Now then, as you are obviously a good thief, sorry researcher, what about finding the sonar noise? I had it on a phone years ago, but have not found it since. It was the big 'PING' followed by the echo pings 'ping, ping, ping' getting quieter! Sad really, aren't I?

    Then, how do I get it from my 'puter into my phone? :roll:
  16. Am i the only person that has the General Alarm & Call the Hands as a ringtone?

    Great for getting you up in the morning - I Highly reccomend it! :roll:
  17. Ok are ya gonna share it then?

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