Ship simulator 2008

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Chicogiz, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know if this game has cruise ships on it and warships?
  2. helloo, i have the game, you get mostly ferries, and tankers with a big selection of shitey small boats. No warships I am afraid, it would be so cool with warships in it.
  3. if you trawl the net there are some guys that have made a Minesweeper for the sim try looking at the Ship sim forum in
  4. No addons can be added to the game by anyone except Vstep the developer for some reason. Many people have made mdoels for it but you have to send it to Vstep and they have to add it into the next SP, if its good enough.
  5. down load navy field its a great online game where you controle ww1 an 2 ships great game
  6. Needs more Nimitz/Bismarck.
  7. I have SS2008 and also SSE (Ship Simulator Extremes). Cruise ships are available in SSE as are all the ships from 2008 and a few extra ones. There is one warship, a Coast Guard ship and it has a gun but you cannot fire it at anyone. The game is more a simulator than a shoot-em-up war game so the emphasis is on ship driving, towing, mooring, pushing and cargo carrying. I enjoy the odd occasional hour of ship driving and quite like the Dover/Calais ferry run as a free roaming game. Some of the mission scenarios are ok, but some are flawed and unrealistic.

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