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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Chicogiz, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know a website for plymouth and portsmouth ship movements?

    Many thanks.
  2. Why would there be a website breaching security ?
    Or do you mean car ferries? Are you joining those now?

    Have you even TRIED the RN website?
  3. Yes ,i do.
  4. i do as well
  5. There is a website saying warships movements ive been on it before. I just forgot what its called. Well if anyone knows it PM me plz. Its just a website site saying when they go out and come in, not where there going.
  6. Well if there coming in that is where they are going. Or am i missing something.
    Biggest threat to any warship in this current climate is entering or leaving any port.
  7. Chico, It's a pity Operation Hornbeam isn't still going. I'm sure you'd have loved it. Ship spotting on the coast, looking for Soviet merships... you know, typical merchant vessels with NBC on deck washing-down facilities and gas-tight iron doors and hatches to protect the fish from the smell of capitalist air! ;)

    Now get your parents to buy you the latest edition of Janes Fighting Ships (the one covering WW2 is less depressing though) and a decent pair of binoculars (Leica's Duovids are excellent, even in poor light!) and buy a folding chair, a large Thermous flask (filled with hot coffee or soup) and a thick submariners pullover, visit Pompey and have a good Christmas gazing at the naval traffic. You could also take the opportunity of looking for the shapes (daytime) and lights (night) on the vessels indicating their size, status, etc.
  8. Dont go to pompey there are no ships. Think the victory is still kicking about. Guz dosent even have that luxuary.
    If you are sad enough to go ship spotting perhaps you should substitue the ships for trains and get yourself to your local station.
    there will be more to see.
  9. There is website to see when there going out and in. I think there was a post linking to that site on here about when fearless was going out to get scrapped.
  10. Perhaps the Dover Straits would be a better bet - and a good way to learn how the traffic seperation zones actually operate there.
  11. Most local papers have ship movements in them so go online and google for "shipping movements" and theres loads of sites to amuse you for hours.
  12. Erm, google is your friend here Chigo.
    Little bit more self help is required if you really are going to join up one fine day.
  13. Grr i aint a ship spotter lol I only wanna see when a certain ship comes in.
    Lamri ive already searched on google.
  14. In Portsmouth they are so classified that they are published in advance in the local daily newsrag :thumright:
  15. And what a fine fine day it will be to
  16. The Portsmouth News website provides this information about shipping movements and the Plymouth Herald provides this information.

    (Found within 0.18 seconds on Google.)
  17. haha nice to see the nn keeping up to date :w00t:
  18. Exactly the same as the Herald in Guzz mate. I really do wish people would take what I say with a pinch of salt :roll:
  19. How comes it didnt come up on my google? Its probaly because i put Plymouth shipping movements in. Thanks anyway m8.

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