Ship made Hooch?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by seafarer1939, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. Back in the day at Whale Island I pulled the usual duty of Galley hand eyeing and bleaching spuds.
    Along with a couple of others we needed some booze,none of us knew anything about creating home brewed hooch but one had heard about the following method.
    We got a large melon sliced the top off, scooped the guts out and packed it with brown sugar.
    We then blagged a couple of tots of rum from a mess steward,in they went and we left it for two weeks.
    After that we put a needle size hole in the base and hung it up so it would drip slowly.
    After two more weeks the drip tray was full of thick dark syrupy liquid and about 50 wasps.!
    We scooped out the wasps thinned it down and down it went.
    I like to say we were drunk but I'm not sure if it worked as I can't remember.
    I've heard of other Jacks making hooch out of Bluebell etc but I've never seen it.
    Any former/present moon shiners out there?
  2. Strain bluebell through half a loaf of bread.crystals left on top after its dried mix with limers.(so I heard) :D
  3. We did try our hand at brewing our own in Victory Barracks when I was FMG.We hid it in the ceiling.Unfortunately the Joss visited and said to me "I dont know where it is but I can fcukin smell it,I'll be back tomorrow and it had better be gone"
    Although it was bitter and had only been going a few days we thought waste not want not and drank the lot.Big mistake.I needn't describe what our guts were like for the rest of the week!! :D
  4. We made our own Moose Milk on board once. Not sure if it was made correctly we didn't care it did the job it was made for :lol:
  5. For some unknown reason (probably 'cos we could!) despite the Mess being only3 feet away across the passage, my boss Smudge made home brew wine in the Cab Space while on patrol once. It was brewed and kept in an empty plastic gallon goffa container. I think it was tea and orange, but whatever, it was disgusting! :roll:

    Much better to walk the 3 feet and have some Black Death!! :lol:
  6. Never seen any made but a TG Tiff on my first boat used to take loads of orange squash to sea and lace it with ethanol.

    Never had the nerve to try it myself.
  7. At Simbang (RNAS Sembawang) in ‘69 a Boot-neck Chef and a Jack Dusty made some Potato and Raison Wine and used to store in the roof space of our accommodation (G Block). Can’t remember what it tasted like, but the party (inc. Jennies from Terror) we had, was ace.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Still made at Bardufoss for the students on completion of their Cold Weather Survival Course, by Clockwork staff. (Please note: ingredients are per course, not per student...) :wink:

    2 x 1lt Bailey's Cream
    2 x 1lt Tia Maria liqueur
    2 x 1lt Bacardi Rum

    1. Mix all spirits with vanilla ice cream.
    2. Leave to chill until serving (the ingredients, not the students).
    3. Fancy dress party in the Mess.
    4. Fall over in the snow on the way back to the accommodation...

    Also, a tot of Pusser's Rum is still awarded to students on completion of them conducting ice-breaking drills on the final day of the course (lots of footage available on You Tube - but not of me. Too embarrassing!). :thumbleft:
  9. Is it still there??

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