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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Powder, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys,

    so I'm just doing some prep and was wondering if there were any images or PDF documents out there that would help me out with Ship Knowledge?

    Im about to draw out on A3 paper a T23 Frigate in the middle and have all the weapons listed on one side and all the defence systems on the other and then draw arrows pointing from say "8x Harpoons" to where they actually are on the ship.
    Reason being is that sometimes they ask you "Point out where which weapons are" that and I would also like to be able to have a clear image in my head.

    So yeah, just wondering if there was a silhoutte image of the following; T22/T23/T42/T45 (mainly).

    Thanks in advance, help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Why dont you read before you post?!
    I said that shows me where abouts on the ship it actually is. I've seen this before. It's all very well having a tiny image of a ship with the basic facts about it underneath (excluding defence systems), but it's not what I was asking for in my OP..
  3. Ah but you asked if there was a silhoutte of the following 22,23,45,42 etc.

    That gave you a silhoutte of those following ships :p
  4. I feel like an online AFCO. Do careers advisers not hand this stuff out?

    Without wishing to patronise you, I did my AIB at 15, having read Broadsheet and Navy News for a couple of months and passed. I appreciate that the desire to have information expands to meet the potential ability to find it, but seriously, the AIB is not hard and shouldn't be stressed over.
  5. touche.

    And with all due respect; id rather give AIB my all than half arse it, fail and wonder what would happen if I actually worked for it.

    Dont get me wrong Alfred, you have been helpful; just in this thread not really what I was after.
  6. Is this not in your book, Powder?

  7. Right, from the top of my head:

    (all ships fore to aft, just the major systems, could be a bit dodgy on the T45, T22 not covered as it's out of service soon....)

    T23 -

    4.5" gun - Vertical Launch Seawolf (VLSW) missile silo (point defence missile system) - Harpoon launchers (most of the time not carried) - forward 911 tracker (for VLSW guidance) - foremast, on top of which it the 996 medium range radar - midships cross-passage (big T23 giveaway on photos!) - main mast, from which most of the comms aerials are based - after 911, which in on top of the hangar - flight deck

    T42 -

    4.5" gun - Sea Dart launcher (missiles stowed 'tween decks, area air defence) - forward 909 (Sea Dart guidance) - 1022 radar for long range air search - foremast - main mast, with 996 radar (see above) - after 909, on top of hangar - flight deck (much smaller than T23)

    T45 -

    4.5" gun - Sea Viper missile silo (point and area air defence) - foremast, on top is the Sampson Multi Function Radar, acts as both area search and fire control radar for Sea Viper - main mast - Long Range Radar, for area air search - hangar - huge flight deck

    If you take those descriptions and cross reference them to pictures of LPH/LPD/CVS you'll find all the equipment already mentioned.
  8. I recall seeing a post from sol waaaaaaaaaay back that had a link to a fact sheet about Navy assets and it had sillouettes (not sure of the spelling) and complement, size stats for each class
  9. Soleil - I double checked the book before posting but it didnt say exactly where they were located. Most of them are pretty simple, E.g. GPMGs dotted around, 4.5" in the front, and the 8x Harpoons just behind the 4.5incher.

    Alfred - thanks a lot, ill add that post to the word .doc and see if I can spot the other weapons :)

    edit: just saw your other post. Your info is more detailed than what the RN site provides (next to nothing!) :D
  10. IPhone/ipod app called UK Warships i think. Think its free. Outlines and weapon bits as well as other info
  11. Yep it's a good app if you've got an iPhone or iPod Touch the RN in your pocket anywhere, anytime. There just been a free upgrade with the Ship Crests as well.

    It's not a free app but extremely cheap and a percentage of the money is donated to H4H (Help for Heros)
  12. As a long time blagger, I suggest the following.

    Get a small drawing, say A5 or 6, then when the asked the location of a weapon system, just stab down with your fattest finger or thumb, shouting in a loud, clear voice -'it's there!!'

    With luck, the fat finger or thumb will more or less cover the entire drawing if performed correctly! :D
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm forever bumping into people who failed their AIBs because they could not correctly identify the specific location of a Sea Wolf launcher... :roll:
  14. Thanks for that.
    I've seen each in the flesh, but it good to have something that you can cross compare.
  15. If you live and breath Alf's notes it will stick with you, it's easy after a while.
    I can still recall the County Class Destroyers, Nubian, Leanders, Blake Class etc etc.

    Sea Slug & Sea Cat what are they ?

    Surface learning is no good you'l forget it all next week,
    Learn them properly and you will recall them 30 years on....

    Good luck

  16. I know, it's sad isn't it.
  17. I for one, believe my ship knowledge is pretty good and should wow everyone during my AIB.

    It's the nervousness induced fainting that worries me and could influence my pass :wink:
  18. Capt AIB loves that kind of stuff. Pull it off stylishly and you'll pass, no worries.

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