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Any ideas if HMS Bristol (type 81) visited New York at any time.
Plus is there a Web site or place where each Ships History, especially where it visited can be found.

Cheers. Reason for request explained below.

Posted this in Hobbies as I make Spurlashes (when all said and done) to pass the time. Its kind of mentally theraputic (which is very WOKE keeping Me up to date and on side with todays Bollocks). Going to the pub and getting Shitfaced would be a better use of My time but pubs are not what they used to be - I find them kind of soulless, sterile, full of kids with Children or lacking in interesting out of kilter drinkers, how did that happen? Who the hell drinks coffee in a pub or eats, still.
Anyway, for My niche hobby where I do pictures of Warships attached example (left the Navy for various reasons and glad I did, no regrets). So 25 years later in a moment of Anchor faced tipsy madness decided it would nice to have some pictures of Ships I had been to sea on above the Dado rail - as a reminder of the past. Interestingly it got rid of the Nightmares I occasionally had, more to do with machinery breakdown drills and the ****-ups I did, only dangerous place I went to was Newcastle so nothing major.
Continued with pictures, as theraputic and better than watching the TV, although I wonder at My stupidity of doing pictures of Ships I was glad to get away from - no sense to it, possibly should buy a dog, although slightly worried that I am obviously going senile and would end up with a Parrot, so maybe not.


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Not while I was on her, but try here:



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@GreySpark If you do Facebook there is a group which just deals in warships and submarines old and new. Lots of photos. I've seen Bristol just recently. Link below. You have to join to comment.

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