Ship ID, please... 1908


Hello, all.

Haven't posted for yonks, but would like some help, if anyone would oblige :)

This is a picture postcard on eBay... is at Dover, and postmark is 1908. There's a life ring at the foot of the picture, but can't get the words from it... can anyone ID it for me, please? Many thanks!


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Happy to be of assistance mate. Keeps my ageing brain on track.
That whiled away a few minutes.


Footnote: The lifebelt gave me a pointer. First four letters if enlarged to massive came up (after a right good look at) as L E O N


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And a bit of trivia about the fate of FS Leon Gambetta, courtesy of Mr Google.

She was torpedoed twice and sank in the Ionian Sea off southern Italy on the night of 27 April 1915 by the Austro-Hungarian submarine U-5. The latter was under the command of Korvettenkapitan George Ludwig Ritter von Trapp, later to be known as the patriarch of the Von Trapp Family Singers.