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Hello. I was having some bother with my shins while running, it was really getting in the way of my following the training booklet (pre joining fitness programme). I thought it might be shin splints so i posted on a thread on here about shin splints. Then AngryDoc said my problem sounded like chronic compartment syndrome and I should speak to my GP. Well I had a word with my GP and he got me referred to the people who actually know about muscular skeletal medicine (GP just took the pulse in my feet and said I had one). So I saw the MSK bod yesterday and he waggled and prodded and hit me with little rubber hammers and said my symptoms were consistent with chronic compartment syndrome :( . So AD 1 GP 0 and I have been offered some physiotherapy to see how that might help, in the meantime he said don't run do the cycling, x-trainer and stair climber instead (and the swimming of course) and stretch you calves for longer.

So, I have my RT booked on friday this week and I am looking forward to it but should I tell the AFCO about the problem with my shins tomorrow or wait till I go for the test and tell them on friday?


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Try taking a week or two off, go to a proper running shop that does gait analysis and get some decent running shoes that fit your running style.

When i first started out doing intense run training i got terrible shin splints and a twinge in my right knee, took two weeks off, got some proper running shoes and have not had a problem since (touch wood).
I got some over-pronator inserts for my trainers, pretty much problem solved and I used to get them bad. Stretch a lot before and after and during the day.. get your legs warmed up before you go running. It makes a difference.
This may sound stupid but what did the bone cruncher say your type of skeleton was? If it's a flexible one, then you need to do very low impact training for a 6 week period to recover you muscles density and fitness.....sorry ex bread and butter...


Sorry Brudak, your bread is stale! There are no "types" of skeleton. I'm surprised you got to POMA thinking that! GG has a condition which is difficult to treat but she has started the process. It's all about gradual increase in impact exercise and significant physio input. There are also surgical options which are sometimes required.

Gait analysis is a good thing but is not GG's priority.

Happy to provide further help if required. Also happy to get the diagnosis right!
I invested in a new pair of running shoes as recommended to me by a colleague (who runs competitively), who said they correct for slight under and over pronation. They didn't fix the problem and that was before AD responded to my post anyway. They feel amazing to run in, until my shins stop working at any rate. I passed my RT today and I didn't really have a good time to mention about my shins. I expect I will know more when it comes time to fill my medical questionnaire in, like if the physio will fix it so I can run again. If its not going to then I don't really have to worry about anything else, as I can't join up. If there is some hope I can run normally after getting a course of treatment, I expect I would have to ask that they put off calling me for medical until I have had a chance to do the physio and get my legs back to work.

Bonecruncher did not comment on my skeleton Brudak, just said everything was normal except for my toes being a bit inflexible (ie no mobility problems of ankle, no neurological problems etc). I go back in a couple of weeks. Till then just keeping on with the training but swapping the running for non-impact cardio instead. I am in week 3 of the PJFP (i am redoing the week, I didn't get it all done last week).

Oh and its he not she, but I made the same error (after being told to admittedly) about angrydoc myself and frankly just grateful he helped me get the right treatment so he can call me ought he likes ;)

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