Shin splints!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Chicogiz, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. :cry: Looks like i have them. Ima give a weeks rest, if still hurting looks like ill have to cancel my start date. With just 3 weeks to go and this happens.
  2. Was doing a 1.5mile run today and a 1.5mile warm up jog and I got sore shins again at the end of the jog.

    Couldn't be fucked with them aned hammered the 1.5mile back in, probably shouldnt have but the pain/stiffness went away about a minute after picking up the pace.

  3. Chico, what a shame!

    What has your CA said?
  4. Its not bad. Just a small pain, mild shin splints i think. Ima give it a week rest, just swim and bike. If still a pain in a weeks time ima inform my CA see what he says, then if there not better someone can take my date.

    Not happy as ive been waiting 2 years and a half.
  5. Chico

    Ring him/her on Monday.
  6. If they dont get better, i could be seeing next year as a start date?
  7. is it not summer dates getting filled atm?
  8. To be really honest im not sure it is shin splints. Maybe its just pain thats coming. Ima get it checked, but hopefully it aint. Once its checked ill inform the CA. I dont want to tell him something that its not, and aint be checked yet.
  9. Are you using proper running trainers?
  10. Chico

    What's the score?
  11. To answer hamisatypeofcheese question, i have proper running shoes, that i got from a good running shop where someone looked at how i run.

    Soleil, i dont think it is shin splints just a pain i had there, as the pain seems to have gone. Im still gonna rest until monday as i worked hard last week and saturday and sunday normally my rest days. I asked my family and they also reckon it aint shin splints. So yeah it looks ok.
  12. Whether it's shin splints or not the treatment is the same - rest, ibuprofen, and see what happens. If it gets better quickly then it isn't shin splints, just sore legs.

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