Shin splints!

:cry: Looks like i have them. Ima give a weeks rest, if still hurting looks like ill have to cancel my start date. With just 3 weeks to go and this happens.


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Was doing a 1.5mile run today and a 1.5mile warm up jog and I got sore shins again at the end of the jog.

Couldn't be fucked with them aned hammered the 1.5mile back in, probably shouldnt have but the pain/stiffness went away about a minute after picking up the pace.

soleil said:
Chico, what a shame!

What has your CA said?
Its not bad. Just a small pain, mild shin splints i think. Ima give it a week rest, just swim and bike. If still a pain in a weeks time ima inform my CA see what he says, then if there not better someone can take my date.

Not happy as ive been waiting 2 years and a half.
To be really honest im not sure it is shin splints. Maybe its just pain thats coming. Ima get it checked, but hopefully it aint. Once its checked ill inform the CA. I dont want to tell him something that its not, and aint be checked yet.
To answer hamisatypeofcheese question, i have proper running shoes, that i got from a good running shop where someone looked at how i run.

Soleil, i dont think it is shin splints just a pain i had there, as the pain seems to have gone. Im still gonna rest until monday as i worked hard last week and saturday and sunday normally my rest days. I asked my family and they also reckon it aint shin splints. So yeah it looks ok.


Whether it's shin splints or not the treatment is the same - rest, ibuprofen, and see what happens. If it gets better quickly then it isn't shin splints, just sore legs.
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