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Shin splints...

Everything has pretty much been said. But I had shin splints during my first year at uni after rushing back into sport after a 3 year break. It was excrutiating and living on the top floor of the halls certainly didn't help. I was specifically told by my doctor however NOT to take any sort of pain medication including ibuprofen as this masks the pain and if you shouldn't be even walking on them then this is the last thing you want. I had to have 2/3 months off at least (hard to remember now) before being able to job comfortably on them. I'm not saying that yours will be the same, and as people have said, there is probably an underlying reason for yours (wheras I just started running around like a loon on a hard surface) which needs to be sorted. But the worse thing you can do is to carry on running on them...if they are shin splints, but the doc will be able to tell you if they are shin splints or sore muscles.

Hope you've managed to read through all of that, it's just something that won't be fixed after a couple of days (from my experience that is...not everyone is the same!)

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