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Shin splints...

Hello everyone, i'm a newbie here so bare with me :)

In 4 weeks im starting at raleigh (going to be a ET(WE) hopefully :) and in my PT preperation for it I've picked up a shin splint. it's not crippling but it's certainally gonna affect my running, although i should pass all the necessary tests.

However should I tell them about it now, when i arrive or not at all? Is this something i could get discharged medically for? Joining is something i REALLY want to do and my leg shud heal just fine.

Just looking to get some info from people who are/have been part of the navy or military force!

Thanks :)
Definitely seek advice on it, you don't want to get there and be binned in the medical on the first day as a result of it. Ask at your AFCO for advice; they might think it will heal and let you go, or push back your entry date by a little while.

I suggest you try the Army's equivalent to this forum, and look in their fitness section. They have many more members there and much more people clued up on fitness. You could always ask on there; you might get some (light hearted) stick for being a sailor but that's to be expected :lol:

Best of luck and let us know how you get on.
Go and see a Physiotherapist.If you get picked up by the RN during trining you may either be backclassed or SNLR'd
Backclassed means you get put back a class and start raleigh all over again.SNLR= Services no longer required,discharged as either med unfit or if you didnt tell thm and they find out they can get shot of you s a fraudulent entry.If i were you,go and seek advice from a doctor or a Physio and take it from there.If youve pick an injury up at this stage then you can almost bet it will return at Raleigh.
aww balls. well i'll stay off it til monday then if theres no drastic improvement i'll give the AFCO a ring and see what they say, i certainally dont want to fu*k up and not be able to go ahead with it.

Ty for the info
Youre welcome,you might like to try some ibuprofen gel or Voltorol cream in the mean time to help reduce the inflammation.
Has it been a while since you did much exercise or ran? It could be your lower leg is out of condition and needs strengthening, or you may have flat feet/fallen arches or just require a new/better pair of running shoes.

Do a google on calf stretches/exercises and cross reference it with shin splints. There are some simple exercises you can use to stregthen the leg muscles involved and also the strecthes help with the 'warm down'. Try putting a wet towel in the freezer before you go out and put it on the leg when you get back in.

Whatever you do seek a physio's opinion as Andy said and don't run through the pain, you could end up with a more serious injury.

I've suffered from anterior shin splints in the past and I know what pain you must be in after runs (did someone order a hammer to the side of the legs?). Good luck getting it sorted and best of luck at Raleigh.
Alright Booga

Re your shin splints - its not something you pick up like a sprain, but as someone else metioned more of a condition brought on by ill fitting or worn trainers, running on hard surfaces or if your legs are not used to it.

I used to get them pretty bad when I started running and done the following to ease the pain.

1. Go to a specialist running shop and explain the situation to them They will check your footstrike and advise you on which trainers to buy.

2. Buy sorbothane (shock absorbing) insoles

3. Use an ice pack after a run and if painfull voltaren cream or ibuprofen to reduce the swelling. (Dont make this a habbit though)

4. Stretch well before your run and particularlly after. To stretch your shins kneel down and then sit back on the soles of your shoes, so your toes are pointing behind you. Gradually lean back and hold the stretch - this will stretch your quadriceps and your shin area.

5. Whilst you don’t run with an injury, DON’T stop your fitness. Cycle, swim and walk for a couple of weeks while your legs recover, the get back to gentle running. Gradually as you become accustomed to it, the pain will subside.

If you need tips on this or other phys, feel free to PM me.

I agree with andy, let your injury settle. It may seem like an annoying injury at the minute but it can lead to a condition called compartment syndrome. This is where the muscle swells larger than the tissue sheath that contains it. (shin splints are a minor version of it, but with proper treatment will settle down). I've help treat loads of matelots with shin splints and compartment syndrome. Its not the end of the world, but if its started so close to your joining date it may mean you've over done the Phys, and not allowed for a proper warm up and down with appropriate stretches. If you haven't done much running before thats probably the reason for your injury. It will settle but I would see a podiatrist as well as the physio, as you may have an underlying problem with your posture which you wouldn't have noticed before you started exercising and now its led to stress being put through muscles and joints in a way that they are not used to.
thanks for all the input, has been helpful! knowing what the NHS is like it'll take me 3 years or there abouts to see a physio, and i cant really afford one at the mo.

got me some of those insole things, necking a few ibopurofen, doing some strengthening/stretch exercises and sticking to swimming for a week or two and see if that'll heal it up. lets hope so, not got long left now! :?
Hey mate,
I had really bad shin splints whilst going through training and still get them now from time to time. Doc said it has something to do with my fallen arches (flat feet).
I managed to get proper made up insole but they are had to get hold of, but do help alot.

I kept my mouth shut during training and just kept taking pills, thats only because i really wanted to get in.
Once you pass training you don't really do alot of running - unless you want to that is.

All the best mate!! just keep your head down.
what happens if you have been for a medical on your knee and also mentioned a slight pain that felt like it may be a shin splint? the doctor passed me on my knees. had me do the strange walking on your ankles with legs bent and passed me for all my legs yet i still feel it is there sometimes it don't hurt others it feels liek it wrenches on me. and like now after swimming its gone completely.

sometimes though im not sure if its not jsut sore muscles but it comes and goes depending on what i do and how i stand or sit or kneel.

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