shin splints stoping me joining on da 13th of april

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by flano, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. am propper gutted was supoced to join sunday da 13th of april an carnt as av got shin splints. seen da service doctor 2day an he sed hes stopping me joining. soo der gunna allow me to join soon as the next batch of ME submariners go :)
  2. Oh well look on the bright side, use the delay wisely and continue with your english lessons - the language of preference for the Royal Navy

  3. hehe........ :toothy5:
  4. oh, ever so sorry...such an easy mistake chum haha. However, next time when you try to correct people please ensure what you type is indeed correct itself.

    E.g end your sentences with a full stop ( . )
  5. Sorry mate what do you want us to do about it?? Are you looking for advice how to solve your problem?? If so i'm sure we can help.
  6. yer advice on how to avoid shin splints in the future ?

    i went to my Gp an she was refered me to a physio soo hopefully he will help me
  7. Okay thats fine.

    The best advice that was given to friend was believe it or not to just rest them and dont run on them. If he did run he was also told to wear thick socks to keep the shins warm.


    I'm sure applying some ice onto the affected areas wouldn't hurt either but if you do make sure you dont apply the ice pack straight onto bare flash. My osteopath recommends applying ice for 10 minutes on the injured area, taking it off and putting it back into the freezer for 20 minutes and then applying for another 10.

    Or for the docs on here that poo poo the thought of Osteopaths etc just take pain relief in the form or paracetamol or other Anti-inflammatories and rest them. :thebirdman:
  8. If it is definitely diagnosed as shin splints (there is a plethora of chronic injuries in that region of the leg) - resting is all you can do I'm afraid. You could try rowing and cycling for cardio benefits in the meantime I suppose.
  9. sounds like good advice to me
  10. thanks for the advice ppl
  11. How did you fair in your language/literature exam ? Hope your sore shins improve. :thumright:
  12. Evidence has shown that ice for 20 mins in every 2 hours is best. Gives time for the frozen peas to re-freeze too!
  13. Christ Doc does that mean we actually agree on something?? :thumright:
  14. I know - wierd, isn't it!
  15. yeah it is kind of weird

  16. And I got sh1t for the lack of a full stop!!!! (that's 4 of them for those in doubt) and by the way flano can I suggest you visit cuz your killer put down might require a little refinement prior to your first sea draft
  17. i seen my phsyio 2day an he thinks i will be fully healed by the end of may then i can send off for a new joining date carnt wait.

    just fort i would update this an thanks for all the help it helped me keep my fitness levels up :)

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