Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by witsend, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


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  2. It's you and Monty isn't it Witsend?
  3. Nah, I'd say they look like your average gunnery instructors, wouldn't you say so Chris? ;)
  4. With respect ya twat face :wink: ,there a bit young looking to be Pogi`s,future Pogi`s maybe :D
  5. Their far too ugly to be WAFU's.
  6. Yes they are in training to be GIs, but you see the elite of the Navy do not need that course to learn to be effeminate and drink poofy drinks; they join the RNR straight off. I'm glad you eventually made the grade though Chris, well done ;) but can you mince with a pace stick as well as an RNR can? I challenge you.
  7. You havnt seen anybody mince with a pace stick like me and sorry to say but you wont be seeing it either,i have a reputation as a hard ass yelling screaming marching machine to keep up, :wink:
  8. Maybe he likes him a little too much and is going to do the honours after they`ve finished there drinks, :D
  9. They should be fettling the gash in the backgroud instead of sipping poncy drinks through a straw, probably RAF. :roll:

    Edited to add, looking at the T-shirt on left hand side mong, deffo RAF

  10. Me thinks your on to somthing there stirling old chap,dodgy drink,dodgy t shirt,women in back ground ie not with them,they are very tight into one another in the pic ,defo wafu or RAF :D
  11. They don't look as though they shave either so deffo crabs. :wink:
  12. They look like ROs to me. Especially that one with the pink wet.
    It's well known that they had more than their fair shares of otherwise men. Nearly as many as the servant branch.
    I bet Sussex has had them both.
  13. Fetling the gash? I mean this is the un official navy site but the eyes of the world and wannabes is on it and you come out with an expression like that.
    Utterly disgusting, never happen in my day, whats this Navy coming to? etc, etc ,etc.
    Fetling the gash? Stirling did you ever get invited to any Cocktail parties,
    or even Christmas Parties? :eek:mfg: :eek:mfg: :thumbup:
  14. And in a bar.

    Barstewards :oops: 8O
  15. Have only ever been invited to one cocktail party, had a gallon of Smudge before hand so was well up for it, a lard arse deb took a shine to me and I could not shake her off, there being some top tottie slinking around I had to get rid of this pie eater so I answered one of her many come ons with
    ' Shut yer legs yer meat stinks' , she complained to the host and I was ' asked' to leave.....bummer.

  16. Ah!...........A kindrid spirit at last, I gotta meet you when I'm next in york.

    :thumbup: :thumbup:
  17. PM inbound.
  18. The one on the right has clearly stolen his watch as it is miles too big for his dainty wee wrist.

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