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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by scottie, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Just been wondering what kinda hours or shifts would be worked when in Phase 2 and then when on ship etc for CT's.

    Wondered if someone could answer some of the following, would be most appreciated:

    What hours are worked in Phase 2 of CT training?
    Is it a Mon - Fri course?
    When on ship do u work a rota or fixed shifts?
    Is it a 48 hr working week or does it vary?
    Is there a rota'd day off system or do you work everyday?

    Just some questions that have been bugging me, Thanks if your able to assist
  2. Good question, would like a bit of info on this myself!
  3. On a ship you can be day work, however most folk keep watches.

    Stand bye....

    2359 to 0400 Middle Watch.
    0400 to 0800 Morning Watch
    0800 to 1200 Forenoon Watch.
    1200 to 1600 Afternoon Watch
    1600 to 1800 First Dog
    1800 to 2000 Last Dog
    2000 to 2359 First watch.

    1 in 3 West Country style:-

    Dogs Middle Forenoon First Afternoon First and morning.

    I am sure that other on this site will fill in other watch configurations:

    Defence watches
    1 in 4,
    1 in 3 straight.

    It's not a lot of fun watch keeping.

    Over to you guys.
  4. During your phase II training you will more than likely be working 0800-1600, then keeping occasional duties after work and some weekends.
  5. In boats, you are 6 on, 6 off (GS call this Defence Watches), either starting at 1300/0100 or 1900/0700. That is from the day you sail to the day you get back! Don´t worry, you settle in to it very quickly. Unless you are a back afty, where they do a different routine (1 in 3 I think) as required by the nuclear agencies ashore. This is your watchkeeping time - normal work etc has to be done i the remaining time! Usually. What do you mean, on watch shower..... me????
  6. I'm in CT Phase 2 at the moment, working day is from 07:40 to 16:30 most days, but you'll have divisions at 07:00 on Wednesdays and finish a bit earlier on Fridays.

    You will also be part of the duty watch 1 in 6 days, which includes some weekends.
  7. Nothing to unexpected!

    Cheers guys.
  8. thanks all, anyone have anymore info ?
  9. This is pretty much all the info you need, just remember they're watches not shifts :wink:

  10. would that mean you only work those hours in one day or would you keep a few watches in one stint?

    Do you work these for the entire deployment etc or are there rest days
  11. This is not really difficult, but try this...

    to ensure that you do not have to do the same watches every day the Dog watches are broken into 2 2hour watches...1600 to 1800 First Dog...1800 to 2000 Last dog. so your watches shunt into a predictable routine.

    During the Fornoon IF you are not on watch you conduct your maintenacne routines, and thus the ship is maintained in good order.

    On Boats, they used to have a Dinner Dog from 1100 to 1300 and a supper Dog from 1700 to 1900... It just worked well for the Submariners.

    So here we go...

    Afternoon Last Dog Morning..First dog Middle Forenoon first..

    this routine is a little less difficult, as it enables you to get a good bit of down time from 1200 to 2000 every second day...

    But you could be Day work............... :roll: :roll: :roll:

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