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She's sick and Ginger but would you knob it????


Yeah fxxk it , she's pretty enough apart from being a ginger minger , have to practice safe sex though ,
I thought it a hoot that male family friends, even though they knew about her condition, gave her one.

It goes without saying that Jack would have been right in there!


War Hero
Yes then but the photos 15 years oldmay now need fetish gear (2 paper bags) or alcohol, yes . :dwarf:


War Hero
Sparrowhawk01 said:
so how do you all rate this bird?

1 bagger?
2 bagger?
or stumper?

Its an old photo ,wedding 15 years old? she could look like me by now :pukel: IS there a newer photo???? :dwarf:


War Hero
You have to wonder if Relate might take this up as advice in relationship cases.

Give her a good hard wallop on the back of the head, week in hospital and bob's your uncle...
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