Shes at it again

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. RRs Pin Up not bad nick for her age eh?

  2. Hig! how pants are you! that is a terrible picture! and so not me!
  3. Oh its you, we can tell by the smile, no doubt AAC will clear it up on his photosmart thingy
  4. You are sooooo in the Shit Hig!
  5. Ah no he won't. I will promise to send the PO Stoker round there to keep him occupied in return for not doing it! and he will bring his tool kit.

    I bet you the PO Stoker in a fake beard wig and his ovvies and steaming bats over whatever it is you can offer Always!
  6. The offer is irresistable Rosie! Could he also bring his blue teddy with felt spanner. I have a few bolts that needs securing, some loose screws that need screwing back in place (with a screwdriver, obviously) and could do with a pair of working nuts. :D :D :D I'll act the part of the utterly defenceless civvy slut! :lol:
  7. Hig suddenly realises why the French girl he learned so much from as a teenager wore a birqa...

    [​IMG] he sees what she really looked like THEN for the first time....

  8. I think I would need 2 gallon to tackle that.
  9. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Wow, she's divs......... :twisted:
  10. Just close your eyes think of the service and our motto

    "No sea to rough no muff to tough"

  11. Bit of a rush this morning, but tonight - when he has finished installing the new radiator in the bathroom and cleared up his mess - I will get out the masking tape again. His hair has just about grown back after the waxing. although you will need the false beard. However if you keep him long enough you can transplant some of the hairy arse hairs onto his face.

    BTW he has new slippers now, the green fluffy ones were a bit manky.
  12. Two's up mate, bagsy Floppy Firsts???

  13. poor old girl - cataracts and no teeth
  14. And still no response from Higgy? I've hurt his feelings. Sorry Higs. She still loves you to bits and said you were the best skin she ever handled. You were essence to her too. She wants to know Hig, do you still fancy a shag?
  15. Yeah but think how grateful she'd be, I always go for the grateful ones. :wink:
  16. Well she was granted asylum today and will be moving up to Fife to locate Hig. The RNBT have drafted her to live with Hig for the next 2 years until they can find somewhere more permenant.
  17. Fife? :eek: I am in Fife, please avoid Fife
  18. As the saying goes, any port in a storm, compared to that Geordie bird i mentioned, shes essence, believe me.
  19. Fark me, you're all too fluffy!

    Now that old woman, ugly as hell, wouldn't poke her with andym's let alone mine on a clear day!

    Saying that 3pm after Jesters clears out, I may rethink that and take her up to the hoe!

    Edit: need to stop thinking like a lad!
  20. Ugh! No thanks. I'll make do with the girly face.

    His black frock coat is ready for him to wear tomorrow and I'll be in fancy dress too. I've arranged for him to carry the Speaker's Train into the Lords. I thought he'd enjoy that as a Train Driver! He'll be loaned a wig to wear, but he needs to bring his own minature medals to wear.

    Dinner's in the Staff Caff later: beans on toast washed down with a pint of real ale. :wink:

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