Sherwood Closing????

Could be Birmingam, I think FORWARD is more inland?

Anyhow, havent you heard, us reservists are so good that we dont need to go to sea to be able to do our job effectively. We can just do the courses and get picked up and dropped off as and when required and be expected to know exactly what the crack is the moment our feet touch the deck.

I havent been to sea since I left the Cardi Bay in Barhain in 2010. Haven't (as ar as i'm aware) had the opportunity to if i'd wanted to - which I do.

Join the RNR and go to sea - if you're lucky.

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I love the RNR, but it would be nice to get some sea time in.

Not much wrong with that is there?

The number of courses expected of the WARSEA branch these days makes it impossible to get to sea these days.

Anyone aware of anyone who has actually done the 2 weeks on one of the River class OPV's yet. I know it's in the training matrix but I'm not aware of anyone who's actually done it.


Lantern Swinger

You do dissapoint me.
A sailor of your experiance should know by now that any course on your matrix is impossible to get a place on - how on earth would we run if you all went off getting properly qualified?

Instead you are expected to use your MTD's pushing a broom at your unit (or, in your case sorting the URNU's gash, I understand) and cleaning the unit car (if, of course you still have one).

As soon as RNR staff get qualified in line with the matrix another regular can then be axed - and we don't want that do we?

Stupid man.

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