Shep Woolley

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Skate_bastard, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know happened to him? Is the music still available?
  2. Why doesn`t it work then?
  3. Still alive, kicking and recording. Although I managed to buy an old LP of his recently you can buy CD's of his recordings via:
  4. Ooooh, he's changed the spelling of his surname! :eek:

    I think it should read:
  5. Yep sorry, another NAMET failure.
  6. Not only is he alive and kicking, but he is still doing loads of gigs, including one in Guzz next month

  7. ...and he usually attends to the unfortunate and desperate needs of the G Spot Association's annual do in somewhere called HMP Pakefield.

    Well worth seeing him live. Even better hearing him at the same time... so don't forget to take an ear trumpet!
  8. If you manage to get to one of his gigs, which are excellent and I cannot reccomend them to highly. Slag him off for being a GI then claim to be a Submariner RP even if you are not, as we seem to be his favorite breed of matelots. He probally ate OD RP Basics for breakfast when he was a Killick. It really adds spice to the show.

  9. Saw him at a local music club my friend runs last year. There was a serving matelot and about three ex-matelots in the audience. I nearly chocked on me beer a few times, it was the funniest gig I've seen in a while. he finished off with down by the Dockyard wall, someone was peeling onions in there, honest chief

    Got a signed copy of his latest CD, the OGGY recipe inside the cover is a doozer
  10. He has a gig in Newport (Wales) early October
  11. Saw him in Guzz last thursday !! (went with Salty-Dog)

    And what an excellent night it was ( no pun intended ) Haven't seen Shep for 20 yrs +
    Cheers Salty Dog

  12. Just looked at my Shep Woolley album yesterday. He was briefly on Hms Blake at same time as me. And at Christmas was just remembering about that ghastly disco in Southsea called if i remember the Bistro.
    And anyone with the album or hearing it nowadays may wonder at the song The girl with the cauliflower ears.
    Let me tell you she did exist and wore wellintons and was very much a regular at the Bistro.
  13. i love beasties it became Oysters owned by Terry Little who owned the Eldon nice fella the concrete bog was still there,Jo spanners is closed ,Marthas is closed and the mighty fine has changed its nam though but Shp woolley always was brilliant

  14. "Ram it - I'm R.D.P....." - written on the Blake.
    (He worked in the C99's TV Studio - I was in the SRE Compartment for a while)
  15. Was that song called Mary Mc nasty.
  16. The album is called Pipe Down
    Side one 1 The Wayward Boy

    2 The Girl With The Cauilflower Ears

    3 The Irish Bankrobber/Nellie Higginbottom

    4 RAM IT (I,m RDP)

    Side 2 1Working on the Buses in Brum

    2 Little Aggie

    3 Caseys Last Ride

    4 Desert Island Risque/ The Best of Society.

    Yes in the song here name is that.

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