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I just received my latest purchase from aBay in the post today - yes an Album (2xLPs) of Shep Woolley's 'Good Bye Sailor". He's younger than I thought! I thought he'd joined in the 50s, but apparently he's of a later vintage. Here are some piccies from that Album's cover.

I've placed it here to allow for ribald comments to be made about Shep with hair (I thought he'd been born 'airless) and in revenge for his assertions (according to my oppo Percey) for asserting that all RPs were fluffy and pink... :lol:








War Hero
According to the latest buzz he could be at the second HMS Manchester reunion in June. Any ex Manchester guys could be in for a good night.
Ahh, Excellents drill shed,"Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum".
Makes me tearful to think that we can no-longer follow that piece of wisdom.

Must admit tho i've never heard of Shep Wooley :oops:
Was at a Submariners Reunion at the Home Club in Pompey when it just so happened Shep was on that same night. Submariner RP's in the audience it was like a red rag to a bull. The best 2 hours banter and abuse with a GI I ever had in between his brillant songs.

The man is a star even if he was a GI

Well I've been comparing the LP versions of Nobby and Maltese Octopussies to their duplicates on CD and the old fashioned LP definately has more atmosphere. I've noticed that with some other duplicate recordings! Doesn't beat Shep live though :) I have to say I prefer Shep's version of Nobby in his recording 'On the Button' (1988) which I sadly only have on cassette - and no longer have the ability to play it - to his 1976 recording (here).

Lamri I can send you a sample of his humour (excerpts) on CD if interested - but don't tell Shep... :wink:

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