Shep Wooley @ Guzz Fleet Club

Discussion in 'Charity' started by Salty-Dog, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Shep Wooley @ Guzz Fleet club oin support of the Diving Diseases Research Centre

    Could be a good night and reasonably priced too.

    Sorry - you have to scroll down on the middle bit and click for details.
  2. Kin'ell ! Is he still alive. Remember seeing him in Pompey ( Whalley club i think ) in the mid seventies when he left the mob. I was even pissed enough to buy his double L.P. which is still in the loft.
  3. Yep, he's still about, and spent many a night in Southsea also singing along with him (and others).
    I believe he also commanded the platoon at a recent parade in London - see for piccies.
    And you mention the famous (infamous ??) Whaley Club - many a clubnight spent there, though I wasn't ship's company - too many GI's for a start.... - "That man there ...DOUBLE !!"

  4. Yep. Just had a quick gander at his web site and he seems alive and kicking (just). must be getting on a bit. Am going to get the LP out of the loft and have a reminisce.
  5. shep always does his GI bit when he is at the ganges reunions if it is called for |||| :neutral:
  6. And what an excellent night it was ( no pun intended ) Haven't seen Shep for 20 yrs +
    Cheers Salty Dog

  7. Is any of his stuff available on CD?
  8. Cheers les
  9. Andy, his cassette (if still available) entitled 'On the button' is also very good, recorded in the G Spot yonks ago!
  10. Well if you want to sell it, I'm interested. I prefer the sound of vinyl to CDs any day!

  11. Ive a few of sheps early stuff on the button and a few more tapes as well which we got with knowing him||.Being in the G association .Shep is 62 now by the way ||
  12. I thought you prefered your CDs in vinyl :wink: :wink:

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