Shell Tanker Strike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by toycommandos, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. I have just watched the news and they stated that the average earning for their drivers was 39k a year and they were striking as they wanted a 13% pay rise! I tell you what, sack the barstewards and i will drive a tanker for 39k a year!!!!!!!
  2. Thank god i don't shop at shell!!
  3. Not a bad wage at all! And another 13% would be a hell of a lot more on top. I can't see what there is to drip about at 39K? It's hardly slave labour.

  4. 39k is that what they really earn. Think I'm in the wrong job!! Where do I sign??


  5. Its like the firemen, im sure there are many people out there that would gladly take there place!
  6. If I were the bosses of Shell I would tell them to either work normally or consider themselves unemployed. Pretty sure there are enough HGV qualified drivers willing to do the job for those wages. They certainly are not going to get any public support.
  7. Though these are not ordinary HGV drivers

    They are specially trained to RLF if in an accident :)
    thus qualifying gives a 90% enhancement to the normal HGV drivers wage

    Jack McH
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...They're M&S HGV drivers! :cool:
  9. It's not about that being a good wage, it's about their pay keeping up with inflation, and taxes.

    A 48 hour week (don't try comparing it with the services) is a long working week and their pay has effectively stood still for 15 years.

    Shells profits for the first 3 months of this year were £3.9billion so it's not as if they can't afford it.
  10. Are they the only people whose pay need to keep up with pay and inflation then? I think that argument falls on deaf ears as far as I'm concerned......................
  11. Just out of interest, how much does an average Serviceman get paid for driving Diesel and Petrol through a sandy place with several IEDs and AK47s pointed at them along the way?

    If its anywhere near £39k I'll be surprised!
  12. If they are working a 48 hour week, where does the EU directive regarding drivers hours come into it. I don't know the current rules but surely they are not allowed to drive for that amount of time.
  13. Firstly I wish I worked a 48 hour week (even though I am on RR in the firms time just now)!!

    Secondly, if this rise makes up for the last 15 years their 30 grand must have gone a long long way in 1993.

  14. Dont you just love the way everyone panics as soon as they hear the words "don't panic". Time to just sit back and watch all the sheep line up at the petrol pumps for the next few days.......baaaaaaaaaah!
  15. How long does this training take?

  16. Check this one out, RAF recruiting site,Fighter Pilots start at £31900, £33000 o/c of training. Do they also "sit in front of a load of dangerous fuel" not to mention other hazards.
    On the subject of pay I passed an Army Recruiting office yesterday and they had a full window length display on pay starting at Private (recruit) to Warrant Officer 1. The starting wage was £31.73 per day and it seemed as if the advertisement was bragging about it. After the latest 3 deaths (and two more reported as I type) it made my blood boil.
  17. They refused a 7.3% pay rise. I wish i was offered 7.3 and thats only on around 16.5k a year. Not there 33k a year plus overtime.
    No sympathy from me grabbing bastards.
  18. Just because one company makes a lot of profit does not mean that all the staff can have a cut
    If the going rate for an HGV driver is now £41k what of the companies that need HGV drivers to deliver your victuals can not meet the same pay deal
    YOUR food bill goes up to pay the wage

    This income for driving a lorry is obscene
    A service man in the front line gets less than half of that, and five are dead already in the past five days

    I am sure SHELL can employ six hundred ex servicemen HGV qualified who would be more than happy with £25k for a 48hour week

    Do not be under the illusion that if you support these people that it will improve your lot, because it just does not filter down or across the board, it stays with the "exclusive" drivers only
    The club you can only join if your father was a driver for Shell, or your best oppo recomends you a bit like the refuse lorries

    Lots of ex service people come out and drive for supermarkets (mainly army as hgv artic is their ex army job) and the pay is £21k
    Lots run their own rig and their lot is worse, £12k net profit

    If Shell drivers win you can be sure the supermarket drivers will not get equal pay

    Jack McH
  19. What a bunch on moaning fcukin whimps.

    The going rate for them 15 years ago was 30,000 and that has been eroded so they want it reinstated.

    That was the pay on offer, they didn't demand it, but they want what they were employed for rate.

    I know it has been erroded for others as well, so get of you f'in fat arses and do something about it instead of just whinging about others standing up for themselves.

    Your in dead end shit paying jobs for no ones fault but your own, so sitting over a glass of guiness and whinging 'that it's not fair' wont help you better yourselves.

    Stop being lazy moaning Brits and do something about your life, like go and get one.

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