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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by onions, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Information required about Shelduck. When did it come into service, what did it replace, who flew it etc. I shot at enough of them and managed to bring a couple down but I never got a propeller! What were the radio control arrangements when flown from a ship from a ship? What squadron operated them?
  2. No idea, but I do have the prop off a Chukka PTA!!!!!!
  3. Had a Paddy LREM(air) in our approved lodgings in Weymouth, who worked on them in Portland dockyard, in a shore side hangar :wink:
  4. I'm sure Scouse, Slim, or one of the other Fulmar Mafia could confirm this but I believe that the Spinner Hanging up in the Harbour Bar in Lossie is from such a Drone.
  5. Come on woos, don't be shy. No constructive answers yet. Is that because you have limited faculties? I'm sure if I was asking about Field Gun the pages would be full!
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  6. You blind!!

    I even posted a link you ungrateful one eye.

    Try doing your own donkey work on GOOGLE.
  7. Having done loads OF MY OWN RESEARCH I thought I would ask you "UP YOUR OWN ARSES WAFOO'S" , a chance to offer some constructive and possibly personal experiences of playing with toy planes, but this was obviously too much for you!

    Waspie, your comments just go to show what the FAA need to replace the Harrier. You could fill all the HOT AIR ballons in the world with your little gems!
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  8. Anytime!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. Wahooo a stone throwing session!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Fishead tossers. :lol: :lol: Have to ask the Wooo's with all the technology at your finger tips.
  12. I was on FTG at Portland from about 87 till I left the mob in 1993.Did a couple of trips with the Shelduck, just before we got rid of them South western approaches and off Gib putting them up for various warships, none of who's names I remember now. We used an RFA as our launch platform, usually the Portland Tanker, Black Rover, Gold Rover etc. There was a Lt who was the controller a leading pinkie as his spotter. Launch boss was a PO Grubber Flt SMR was a PInkie Chief then there was a PO Greenie ( me) and an EM (A), REM (A) and a killick grubber and a NAM. I believe all the titles have changed now and you are all AEMs.
    We were pretty much self contained and it was probably one of the best times I had in the RN. We would sometimes fly out to GIb and join up with the ships there and sometimes managed to get subs and put up in the Bristol or Holiday Inn when Rooke was full.

    We had storage on the South Mole in Gib were we kept quite a bit of kit.
    Obviously there was quite a bit of anti corrosion work as we used to recover the targets from the sea after operations.
    WE used to hose them down with fresh water and then strip them down and drop the bits and pieces in buckets of water a ( bit like dumping your telly in the bath) Then a few gallon of WD40 and dry them out rebuild, test and re-use.
    I only did 2 or 3 trips but with Shelduck but had a good laugh and managed to get a prop, which everyone was after. ( my old man gave away to a mate of his!!!) There was one hanging up behind the bar in one of the pubs in Main St. Gib, ( think it might have been the Friar Tuck?)
    Hope this helps. I might have an old photo somewhere I'll check and post it if I have
    PS Waspie
    You don't have a prop off a Chucka they didn't have them they were jet powered, if you razzed it from Portland it will be off a Shelduck
  13. Waspie, you do not have a prop off a Chukha THey didn't have them. they were powered by jet engine! THe prop you have is probably off a Shelduck
    if you razzed it from Portland.
  14. Yup, you'd be right I reckon. It's just short of 3 feet and was salvaged after a recovery by a mate. Evidently any knackered props were sawn in half!!!!

    Well corrected!!!! :lol:
  15. Good fishing Waspie. One worm and they came swimming in!!
  16. The history of Shelduck or pilotless target aircraft as they were called can be found if you google ( Northrop KDR5 Shelduck) plus lots of RN involvent from day1 and other very interesting and unusual facts and photos!
  17. I havent got a clue what you are on about.

    Therefore "I'm Out" :)
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  18. Why you couldn't have just posted a link in the first place I don't know.
    Anyway :

    Also, the Google reference that you allude to, is wrong.

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