Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by percey99, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. During the 1970s I was a no badge killick on HMS GLAMORGAN we did our missile fireing off Fishguard , Ashore in wales one night I saw a 3 badge stoker shagging a sheep >>>> Due to me being a no badge killick I didnt report this to the OOD when I returned on board WOULD YOU ?
  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Based on the precedent being discussed here then the questions you need to ask are:
    - could the 3 badge stoker afford the dowry?
    - would the owner of the sheep permit a 3 badge stoker to marry?
    - could the ship support the temporary passage of the stokers "wife" until such time as a married quarter could be find with suitable grazing?
  3. Depends if you are a white rat or not.
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Would the said Stoker's "wife" survive the journey without the Ships' Cooks basting her in hot butter and serving her to the Wardroom with mint sauce?
  5. What sort of ship allowed a no badge OD to be a killick unless you was a steward Percy.

    Was it a pretty shep or ugly? (there are no spelling mistakes on this line)

    Nutty RP2

  6. Percey I don't think you know much about sheep -----
  7. did the sheep swallow??

  8. No but it did sneeze! :D :D :D
  9. You all seem to have forgotten Marx's famous dictum:

    [align=center][marq=up]Sheep shaggers of the World Unite! Sheep shaggers of the World Unite! [/marq][/align]
  10. Are you sure it was a sheep, the women in this area are notoriously hairy, I know I used to be married to one from Pembroke Dock, think East European Shot Putter.

    Got rid of her, eventually and am now tied to a more hairless model.

    Of course if it was a sheep was it a: a ewe or b: a ram, if it was a, then was it consenting shag.
    If b, then consenting or otherwise it was a homosexual relationship and as such should not in the 1970's be partaken of by any matelot 3 badges or no.

    The best thing you could have done as a responsible killick was to told him that you as senior person present should have been offered first go
  11. Through the annals of this website I would like to ask that these sheep remain as they are, pure & virginal and untouched by infidels.
    They are needed in heaven as the virgins for our suicide bombers.

    Sheik yourwilly
  12. big deal, never heard of two's up? It's also a good job you did not rat on me or I would have beat the shit out of you.
  13. I know, I was that sheep.

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