Let's face it every man loves a nice shed, It's the perfect place for a gentleman to go and relax, away from the stress and trauma of domestic life. There is quite a lot of shed related discussion over on Arrse, so I thought I'd try and strike up a little shed talk over here.

So what's your shed like? What do you keep in it? What do you like to do in it?

Personally I don't have a shed at my current pad in London as the garden is a little small, I do have a lean to though, which is pretty handy for keeping tools and stuff underneath, but it doesn't afford the privacy that a shed would and has no floor boards to keep dead Eastern European hookers underneath.

I've just organised all the final details for my big move to the countryside and am proper excited at the prospect of having a nice proper shed, where I intend to tinker around with old cars, fill it up with tools I never use and modify the old rape transit. Here is a picture of my new shed courtesy of Google.

I know it's a little large but it also doubles up as a place to keep animals apparently, but I don't really know much about that sort of thing.



Lantern Swinger
Having got the benefit of 2 sheds I keep all the gardening nonsense of lawnmowers, tools etc in the lean to one at the side of the house and main one is the crib for my kids rabbit. He's possibly the most spoilt pet in Christendom and I even built him a screen door so he can look out when we're not around and he can taunt the cats who come into the garden in the knowledge that he's safe. I might even build him a mezzanaine level in there as well!

One of these days I really must go and get a life!!
Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson

Courtesy of Monty Python

Unfortunately, I don't actually have a shed, but we have a sort of outhouse that used to be a coal bunker where I keep tools, garden stuff etc.

It's too small for Google Earth to show any detail, but I've drawn it for your enjoyment:




This is my shed. It was waiting for me when I arrived home after a stressful day. The wife paid 2 guys 'of Eastern European' appearance £500 provided they erected it. Wife then went next door for a coffee with the neighbourhood slag.

The wife has not been seen since but I told the Plod she vanished after chatting on the internet to a man in Izmir.
sussex2 said:

Not mine I hasten to say, but a friend bought a complete one and had it installed in his garden, in memory of his misspent youth :roll:
Surely more a 'Cottage' than a shed?


Lantern Swinger
sussex2 said:
I have a good recipe for rabbit with mustard sauce if you need it!
Mmm, I'll pass on that one. I think the kids may have issues with Daddy cooking the little blighter on a barbecue. I'd probably have issues with it as well; the little fella's totally nails and likes nothing better than chasing pigeons that dare to land in 'his' garden - brilliant to watch when you're nursing a hangover.
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