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Shed door


War Hero
Actually, I was thinking if they did one of the 'tunnel' door, then I'd have one for my shed!

Sundodgers of the glowing variety will understand!


War Hero
Bet your looking at the shed and thinking £15, why not? :)

Look lets be honest you've made a bad call.
You should have put it on the bedroom door.
I wake you up at 15 mins to twelve at night, you can sit by the fuckin door, go out on the balcony with binoculars for half an hour then drink a cup of hot chocolate.
Stand by the table every now and again, get the war office to tell you your grounded for a few days whilst you do decorating, and have a neighbour throw a bucket of oggin over you now and again.

Flying stations may prove a little more difficult and jumping off the roof is not recommended as you will all ready know flying is easy, the landings are the hard bit.

Good luck.


Lantern Swinger
I'd want to land on the Sisters Mess at RNH Haslar. I wouldn't bother rolling the dice again after that. I'd just sit there with my ( very happy) memories!


War Hero
I'd want to land on the Sisters Mess at RNH Haslar. I wouldn't bother rolling the dice again after that. I'd just sit there with my ( very happy) memories!

Good man I can relate to that.
Unfortunately as a person who always gets the short end of the Christmas cracker, I could remain celibate at the back of the New Paris bar.


War Hero
You could have a nice glass tunnel window on the inside to complete the illusion.


And I could also practice climbing into a great big hairy white suit and putting BA on my back! Ah, happy (if hot) days!
Or having a (hypocritical) interdenominational service in there!


should ave got a hanger door with shutterup, then you could watch the sun dip the sea on the horizon picture on your fence:banghead::banghead:
Last edited:


War Hero
I have to tell you a fuckin watertight door does not really rock my boat.
Now if forever Jack were really on the ball the doors that would impress would be in no particular order,
Fleece, Lennox, Rose of England, Ship Leopard and the Albany.
We could put the Fez bar as well just to include a waterfront view.
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